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Hi everyone,

My name's Clark, I'm pretty new to VUL. I'd like to register as an individual but i'm not in BC at the moment. Right now I'm in Ontario (University) and I won't be back till April 26. (I believe final registration is the 21st).
I know i can register online but i'd like to know how I'd complete the other parts of registration (payment, tryouts etc...)
Thanks a lot to anyone who can help =)


Hey Clark,

From my understanding (I've never registered as an individual before but
I can't imagine it being much different) payment will be online and there
are no tryouts. What happens in VUL takes all the Individuals and tries to
make a team with them. You may find it just as easy (if not easier) to
post in the "Personals" forums looking for a team though seems like
ladies are more popular right now. Hope you can find a team that suits

Well, you're posting to the forum, so you're already a "guest member." The rest of your questions are addressed in the FAQ on the righthand sidebar.

You will become an official member when you sign the online consent/waiver and a captain adds you to a team. (I'm attaching a link to the League Info page for Summer League)

As Sansera recommended, you can look for a team in the Personals forum, and also file yourself into the Matchmaker.

I don't know of any league teams that hold tryouts; touring teams are holding tryouts from now until May, though.

Thanks for the info you guys,

I've filed myself in the matchmaker and I'm guessing I'd get an email if i am "called up". Otherwise a personals ad sounds like a good idea.