Regular Casual Pickup Anyone?!

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I'd love to do pick up games so we could practice plays and more importantly, the
basic... throws. Anyday of the week. It would be great for any level of skill from
beginner to skilled. There are lots of fields where we could play. Turf or grass doesn't
matter. But since most are either at school or at work from regular business hours
(7am - 5pm), it would have to be at night... which would mean a place with lights if it
were weekdays. There are games also on Mon, Thurs, Sunday.

Anybody open to suggestions or interest please email me.


No pickup is scheduled and probably wont be for a while. Theres a couple meetup
groups that play occasionally though. Theres ulti this sunday at slocan at 11am.
Its not high level, but it might be a good place to work on throws. Theres also a
throwing group (called coed ultimate frisbee).

I am looking for someone to practice throwing with on weekday nights. I live in the west side. Send me an email if you are interested.



Is this Sunday at Slocan still happening?

I'm interested in casual pick up. Any new updates on this front?

Hey Daryl,

Im really interested in pick up or just throwing around. Evenings/weekends
work well for me.

Let me know if youre still interested!


also interested!