Ringers in playoffs.

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I played a game one night this week where the other team didn't have enough players
for playoffs. They had players from a team that was waiting to play a second game
come in to ring for them. Being a team that is in lower divisions no one really spoke
up. Is there a rule against this in the VUL?

From this site's rules page:

"For a player to be eligible for playoffs, they must be on that team's
roster and have played at least five games with that team during regular
league play."

Pretty simple (... and easy to find).

I sort of have the same problem. We're a Div 2 team and we know a lot of people on the team that we're playing. Every time we've played against this particular team, they've brought in a few blackfish guys who aren't on the roster. My players have spoken to the other team and they've mentioned that they're bringing in ringers for our playoff game against them.

Does the VUL site keep a record of when rosters are edited? I'm pretty
sure if there is such a record, it'd show that around mid-end July, rosters
suddenly increase in size in anticipation of playoffs.