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Hey gang, back in September there was talk of

what a grand idea compiling a 'companion guide'

to the 10th Ed. would be.

While I think that this companion would probably

reduce the likelyness of most players that haven't

read the rules to do so, I do think that it would

greatly increase the overall knowledge of the


So I went ahead and started on it. I scrubbed

through the rules forum to find the areas that had

the most questions asked (and also where the

rules probaly should be changed), and came up

with a good table of contents for such a beast.

Here it is, finally, in all its glory. It's a bit long,

but that's what happens when you put rules into

plain(er) language. It's 14 pages while the 10th

ed is 12 pages.

Let me preface this by saying that this is my

interpretation of the rules, both as written, and in

a few cases, not as written, but as they are

played in the VUL. This isn't the entire rule book,

but just the ones that people seem to ask about

over and over again.

There's not a whole lot of value in one person's

interpretation of the rules, so I'm looking for

feedback and constructive comments (well I'm

happy to have the non-constructive ones too).

Eventually, if this gets to a point where it

accurately reflects how we play Ulty in the VUL,

I'd love to see it handed out to captains.

So send along your comments here or email me



Wow somehow in the new forums linebreaks are

even more screwed up. This is going to cause

confusion when quoting rules...

In case you missed it, the guide is in the WWW

link above, or right here:

maz By maz

Nice work, Craig. I didn't read through all of it, but I think that it is great that you have put so much time into this. I think at the very least it will allow people with rules disputes to have a back-up guide to reference.

If they go through the rules and can't make sense of one in particular, hopefully your rewording helps to resolve the dispute. It's possible that the newly forming "Rules Committee" will give this guide a stamp of approval.

I agree that it doesn't help to shorten the rules, but it may help to explain the scenarios where certain rules apply.

Thanks again.

Hey Craig... nice first draft. I'm just getting through the last few pages. Expect an email soon.