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So what's the rule when you call double team?
And if I call double team twice within a 10-stall count, is the marker suppose to go back to zero?

Check out the rules under XIV.B) Marking Violations

I'll post them below. They're pretty clear so they should be self explanatory. Give a shout
back if you're still stuck.


XIV.B.2) Double-team: If a defensive player other than the marker is within three meters of
any pivot of the thrower without also being within three meters of and guarding (II.G)
another offensive player, it is a double team. However, merely running across this area is not
a double team.

XIV.B.7) When a marking violation is called, play does not stop. The violation must be
corrected before the marker can resume the stall count with the number last uttered before
the call minus one (e.g. “stalling one…two.. ‘fast count’…two…”).

XIV.B.7.a) If the marker resumes the stall count before correcting a marking violation, it is
another instance of the original marking violation, which may be called by the thrower.

XIV.B.8) If a marker commits a marking violation after being called for a marking violation
during the same stall count (XIV.A.1) but before the thrower is in the act of throwing, the
thrower may choose to either call another marking violation or to treat the marking violation
as a general defensive violation (XVI). To treat it as a general violation, the thrower must
call "violation".

You can also read more on the UPA's Rules Blog (see 'www' for address).

Your understanding (or at least the original question) is how it WAS in the 10th. It's different now.