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SRC = Standing Rules Committee --- the group of folks that collect and formulate suggestions for rules changes, that are then voted on by UPA (Ultimate Player's Association) members and then become the new rule-set (assuming a passing vote). Most Canadian players (VUL and Ultimate Canada) then use these UPA rules for our games north of the border.

I'm one of the two Canadian members of this group. Lorne Beckman, Montreal, is the other.

The SRC is planning to meet for two full days on the last weekend of March, to discuss the next round of changes, to kick off the process for the next edition of the rules. We're not sure yet whether it'll be 11.1 or 12, which presumably will depend on the magnitude of the changes we suggest.

I know that at least a few of you have things about the rules that you would at least like to see addressed, either to fix something or to improve understanding. I have heard and fielded a lot of comments over the years since the 11th was released (and before that), but unfortunately, I haven't catalogued these in any one central place.

So here's your chance to get your voice heard and considered by the SRC for rule changes and improvements. Please email me (link below) with your suggestions and I'll make sure they all are discussed with the group.

I've said "suggestions", because preferably, you'll be able to suggest solutions along with your issue or problem. Sure, explaining your challenge with the current wording or situation is important to help us to understand the 'problem', but where you can, please also help the process by suggesting what we could do about it... it'll help us to most fully address your concern.

Note it here in the forum if you like as well, but if it's not also emailed to me, I can't guarantee I'll be able to bring it to the SRC for action. Email will guarantee that.

... Unless, of course, it's a stupid idea... like getting rid of a disc and playing with a ball instead, or swapping in the dischoops rules in their entirety as the 12th Edition... cuz those'll only get you laughed at, and they'll be deleted right after I forward them to

There is that slightly annoying ambiguity regarding turnovers:

"A. If a pass is incomplete or if the disc becomes out-of-bounds other than as a result of a pull, a turnover results."

"C. A player contacting the out-of-bounds area is out-of-bounds. A player who is not out-of-bounds is inbounds.
An airborne player retains in-bounds or out-of-bounds status until that player contacts the playing
field or the out-of-bounds area. The following exceptions apply: [etc.]"

As it stands, there aren't any exceptions for infractions (other than force-out fouls).

So, for example, if a thrower travels from IB to OB, the thrower becomes OB, and then, according to XII.A, causes a turnover. That's obviously not in the spirit of the rules. So I'd like to see an exception for infractions added to the language of either IX or XII.

Re: injuries.

Scenario: basically on the endzone line, D lays out for the disc and misses, O catches, and immediately throws for the score. However, on the layout, D injures themselves. If the injury took place before the throwing motion, then the disc should revert to the thrower, rather than a point be counted. However, by laying out, the D has effectively taken themselves out of the play for a second or two, which would have allowed the score.

The same could be said at any point on the field, where an uninjured defender would not be able to defend the next throw (provided it was thrown quickly). Should a continuation of some sort be allowed if the injury does not affect the play? A back-field injury before a huck for a score would also fall into this category.

Hey guys, in case I wasn't clear in my OP, above...

Just before this meeting, I'm going to be summarizing my notes from my email. And so, please make sure you email these comments to me. I've posted this request on a large number of boards, and won't be able to (or remember to) check them all to see everyone's responses.

So please make sure the comments get emailed to me.

kthxbye. :)