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Last night in our game the other teams women would run with their arms out. They also would put their hand right up to your face (palm basically touching). Sometimes they would put their arm right around you (or your neck) to prevent you from cutting. What should be done in this situation?

***run with their arms out***

This one's been talked about a few times. The consensus is that it's only legal if you're making airplane noises. Seriously though, there's nothing inherently wrong with this (although you can't run as fast with your arms out so they should be easier to beat). That is, nothing wrong unless of course they're (solely) trying to block you out and the disc is in the air. Normally what I see though, is them trying to get the potential blind block. More power to 'em while I'm beating them long to the end zone.

***hand right up to your face (palm basically touching)***

Rule XIV.F. states: "Deliberately blocking a thrower’s vision is a violation by the marker and can only be called by the thrower." Call it and get the count reset back to 1.

***arm right around you (or your neck) to prevent you from cutting***

Sounds like they're initiating contact to me... foul. But are you *sure* they're just not trying to cuddle up [*sigh*... that NEVER happens to me :( ]? Perhaps it's time to call for a naked point!