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SFU ladies ultimate!!!

On the weekend of November 13-14, SFU's first ever women's Ultimate team "Lady Clam", ventured across our southern boarder into the US to attend a tournament in Burlington, Washington called "Sundodger".

This enthusiastic group of young women, with varying degrees of experience in the sport, exceeded their aspirations as a new team and managed to win three out of four games on their first day, beating such teams as U of Washington bringing them to the quarter finals. They were only defeated by some very seasoned players from Bellingham. Ultimately, the tourney was an excellent start to this kindling team's record and morale considering they had scarcely practiced together prior to the tournament.

Entering its fourth year in existence, the SFU ultimate (Frisbee) team is the fastest growing athletic club on campus, and is now comprised of more than 50 active members. As mentioned above, this year, the club boasts a spanking new women's team called "Lady Clam". These ambitious ladies are proud to be representing women's ultimate for SFU, and are looking forward to giving UBC women's teams some competition. In addition to the men's and women's teams, the Ultimate club also has a wicked recreational contingent.

SFU's commitment to having fun and getting involved in shenanigans is exemplified by the Clam members enthusiams in wearing kilts at tournaments. They even have their own lovely mascot bag piper. Streaking and boat racing are also some of SFU's ultimate club specialties.

The Ultimate club is always looking for new members, especially women to buffer up the growing 'Lady Clam'. There must be hoards of VUL ladies attending Simon Fraser University and this is the official call to any ultimate women who are hiding in the concrete or in the clouds of Burnaby Mountain at SFU.

If you are interested in either the women's, men's or recreational team, you can contact ultimate@sfu.ca or keep your eyes out for our fundraiser

Mr/Mrs Ultimate date auction on January 21st 2005 at the Highland Pub.

Squirt! Squirt! Squirt!


By: Michelle Vine

Congrats on your success.... however.

Streaking: go for it!

Boat racing: ditto

But, was that your bloody piper at UHF? Lemme tell ya, five minutes of squalling cats in a bag is

fine, but after about a half hour I was ready to slice that plaid noise sack open like a damn


I'm pretty sure you don't want my musical tastes inflicted on you on a hungover Sunday morning.

just sayin'


I cannot think of any of your tastes I want inflicted on me on a hungover Sunday morning

You mean besides the sweet, sweet taste of my lips?

You'll always be a squirt (and a jerk) to me CB



Ease up on the piper already! For me, the piping was one of the best parts of UHF. Took me back to those child-hood road trips to the grand-parents place in lovely Nova Scotia where there were pipers playing as we crossed the border. (Anyone know if they still do that?). Thank-you piper!

Besides, it nicely resembled the Scotttish tradition of the pipers leading the soldiers into battle.

And furthermore... apparently, she was taking requests so Stump, you missed your change to have you way with CB's ears :p !


PS: Stump, I still have your hat

I shoulda requested 'sounds of silence.'

Don't get me wrong, I love the skirling of the pipes... for a while, in a parade, where they go away

after 5 - 15 min. 'Amazing Grace' can make me all weepy and ready to slice up English redcoats at

the same time.

"Besides, it nicely resembled the Scotttish tradition of the pipers leading the soldiers into battle."

Agreed. That morning gave me an insight into the effectiveness of the pipes at provoking

bloodlust. ;-)

I'm no scientist, but I'd bet somebody else's good money that the frequency of the drone has a

pyscho-physiological effect. Something along the lines of: "The voices in my head tell me to kill."

And the enemy no doubt is sitting in a trench thinking to themselves that if those muthas call that

music they are crazy bastards and unafraid to die.

beannachd leibh


forgot to add...nice work on your first outing lady clam!

E/. By E/.

to truly appreciate the pipes you also need a drum corps. They mix in a way that truly makes anyone with a drip of Scot in them want to sharpen the claymore and defend their honour, familly, nay, Freedom!

yuk yuk.

but hey, I liked the piper at UHF. I just wish there had been more of 'em with a couple of decent drummers. That would have been epic.