Save the Garden City Lands

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Garden City Lands is a 136 acre green space in the heart of Richmond. The City of Richmond is applying to have it removed from the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) so that most of the property can become high density development. The Garden City Lands Coalition was formed to prevent that from happening. They have proposed a number of viable alternative uses (including sports fields) that would allow the land to remain in the ALR and preserve the long term suitability of the land for producing food.

Food sustainability should be everyone's concern, especially in the face of a growing population, climate change, and increasing use of farmland for biofuels.

If you'd like to support the Garden City Lands Coalition in preventing the removal of the Garden City Lands from the ALR, please consider signing the petition at

It's open to "residents and friends of Canada".

See link below for more information on the Garden City Lands.