Save the Sechelt Inlet & Peninsula

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For those of you that have been kayaking or diving in the Sechelt

Inlet or even just visited

Skookumchuck Narrows or camped at Porpoise Bay Park you may be

interested in signing

the petition at:

Pan Pacific Aggregates is a company that recently was allowed to do some mining on the west side of the inlet close to Sechelt.

They haven't even really started that and they are now applying for a strip mine (for gravel to ship to the US) a little further up

the inlet along with a crusher that will be operating many hours a day. They then need to have 8 barges a day (4 in and 4 out) go up the inlet and through the Skookumchuck Narrows. Boats only have a small window of time between tides to get through the narrows. This is just

an environmental disaster waiting to happen!

Please sign the petition against this and pass the link on to anyone else that knows the area and would like to preserve it!

FOSP's Petition Campaign is trying to get 5000 signatures to force a federal environmental assessment. The petition is going to be submitted April 14th.


gerry mackinnon