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Hey folks

It's nice to see the summer teams are set in their divisions, and I'm sure one of the next steps is to set up the schedule.

I noticed on the schedule that there's a column titled "Attendance". Any idea what that's for? (I don't recall seeing it last year.)


Looking at it from a positive perspective, the Attendance feature is a tool for teams to let their captain know if they are planning to attend. Once the game date has passed, the attendance record for that game is locked. Just a little sumpin' sumpin' to help captains out.

From a negative point of view. the attendance record is a not-so-big brother intrusion.

Two things to note:

1. Attendance is viewable only by members of your team.

2. There's no option to add a caveat like "I'll be there, but I'm gonna be late for x reason". Either yer there, or you ain't.

"Attendance" will be a great feature that will make a capt's job much easier. But, (note to Webmaster) allowing space for a caveat would be IDEAL. Getting 3 men and women at the field by 6:00 is usually all I'm ever concerned about, not whether we'll eventually have enough.

Nice! Thanks.

Why Not (and all captains),

Adding an excuse field, means building another form. Do players really want another form to fill out? Probably not.

Granted, knowing the time of arrival is important. How 'bout a pull down menu with times (hour and half hour) that the player selects. An "arriving at or before" kinda thing. Time will default to the game time and if player is gonna be late, they select a different time...

That's a good idea, fancybread. Perhaps pulldown like "Early Setup; On Time; 15 Mins Late; 30 Mins Late... and on in 15 minute increments until it's time for beer"

... or actual times might be better (in 15min increments)... saves those mathematically challenged folks. 7:45 is easier to find than 1 hour 45 mins late... not to mention it's a narrower field.

... hey! how about an edit button for our previous posts? ;p

Fancybread: Don't worry about it too much. If you're going to have different fields, have one for 'I'll be there on time' and another one for 'I'll be early'. Those are your only two options, so you have to pick one. ;)

Last suggestion. Make the time shown represent when you are "ready to play". No early, no late.

My team's had a pretty cool site like this for a

while, and we've worked most of the bugs and

feature requests out of the system.

The most important part is to have the default

attendence be "null" or "no response". That way

you'll know exactly who can make it, and exactly

who can't, you won't have to worry about people

just not putting a response.

It's better for a captain to think they won't have

enough players when they do, than think they will

have enough players when they won't.

Also, we've implemented an automated mailer to

the captain which notifies him the day before if

there are fewer than 4 males and 3 females who

have responded "yes".

Okay Temple... and when are you going to share this funky tool with the rest of us funky tools?

My team uses this device that allows your voice to be sent to another person over wires such that you can have a conversation in real time with the other person. Some of us even have wireless ones, and others of us have ones that can record messages that can be played back at a later time.

I have included a link showing you this amazing device.

Seeing as how we are making gratuitous requests, what I would really like to see is the schedule exported to CSV so that I can import it into Outlook and my Palm Pilot. No, I am serious. That way I don't have to screw around with the schedule all the time trying to figure out where I am supposed to be.

Gratuitous? Maybe, but very useful.

Trust me that having a useful attendance guide

will both have a great demand, and help out a

great deal.

Your csv request:

A) Has little demand

B) Saves little time

Why don't you just copy the 6 nights per term

manually when the schedule is posted?

This sounds like a nice feature. It would be great to prevent players from using it within 24 hours of game time. Maybe an error that says they must CALL their captain.

PS. To get the schedules on your PDA use Avantgo to sync the webpage to your palm

AvantGo sounded good... until I read the minimum requirements. Palm 3.x... ah well, my ancient dinosaur running 2.05 will just have to stay lean :)

... like me

... ya, right ;p

Of course, within 15 seconds, I'll be able to cut/paste the schedule into excel, and then I can pretty much do whatever I want with it.

... even create a csv (will the wonders of technology EVER cease?!!???)

Trying to stay on topic, we've thought about

restricting people from changing their vote within

a certain window of the game time. Here's what

we came up with.

First of all, people are lazy, if you make it

difficult for them to say they're not going to

make it, they won't go to the bother of calling

the captain.

Second, it's never a bad thing to have accurate

information on the website. If it's 3 hours before

game time, and two people decide to bail, it's

better for the website to say that they're not

coming, than for it to say they are.

Third, it sucks if 3 hours before game time, you

think you'll have a whole team, but because two

people are bailing you won't. That's why changing

your vote from Yes to No, the day of the game

will generate an email to the captain notifying

them of the change.

This doesn't prevent somebody from changing

their vote at the last minute, thus causing the

captain to miss the email, but that's where a big

fat warning to call the captain works nicely.

Also, these emails and warnings should only occur

if by changing the vote to "No", it brings the total

number of players of that sex below the warning

threshold that you set (say 2 subs, or whatever).

By the way, I don't know if the site's architecture

will support it, but any player on a team should

be able to alter any other players attendance.

There's lots of cases where there's a need to alter

somebody's status, because they're unavailable.

Maybe a team password would work? Or any

waivered player on the team can update the


all good, temple.

I'd suggest (of course, if the architecture allows) that anyone on the team list could change another by default... (1) there'd be no need to remember another password; and (2) when a 'jerk' gets kicked off the team, there'd be no risk he'd 'play' with attendance to 'get back at' the team (you'd certainly not want to have to change the password and get the team to now have to remember the 'new' password, just because of a jerk).

Just my thoughts of course. Take them as you will.