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I'm interested in learning how to scuba dive, but not really quite sure where to begin. I've started looking up schools, but wondering if anybody who's learned in Vancouver might be able to recommend any one over another?



Take a look in the Entertainment Guide (it's a book full of useful coupons that a lot of Vancouverites buy each year) and you'll find 2-for-1 coupons for scuba / PADI lessons. Find a firend, and you've saved a fair amount of money. I believe the lessons consist of 5 classes, 2 pool sessions, and then a final open-water dive. It's probably a good idea to take the course in the summer. There's a dive shop at 4th and MacDonald in Kits called the Dive Locker, or something like that. There's another dive shop near Burrard on 4th.

When I was diving years ago I thought UBC was pretty good, they were quite active afterwards, and had budget in mind.

Yerp, AquaSoc at UBC is nice and friendly, and you'll likely have somebody to dive with afterwards.

If you don't have an entertainment guide, I can give you a coupon next time I see you. Most places

have coupons for two for one 'introductory courses'. The introductory course is usually about $100

and includes a few classes and a pool dive to see if you're into it. If you are, you pay more for the

ocean dives and certification. International Diving Centre has a coupon for 50% off the full course

though, so that's probably a good place to start.

As for waiting for Summer, it really depends on where you go. The water temperature is about the

same year round out here (below 3 or 4 metres). The main difference is when you get out of the

water. If you're taking a course that does shore dives, you'll likely have to trudge up and down a

steep path to get in and out of the water, which can be chilly in the Winter, but sweltering in the


If the course does boat dives for the open water part, it really doesn't matter, as you're able to get

warm, dry, and fed pretty quickly. Not to mention the fact that you don't have to penguin in and

out of the water, which at most local haunts is a real pain.

Not sure who around town still does boat dives for the courses, but it's likely that most of them

have chartered boat dives that the instructor will take singles or classes on for the open water


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I'm partial to Ocean Quest Water Sports on Canada Way just off Boundry. Greg and Todd are good people and you never feel like you're being sold something you don't want or need. You think skiing was expensive! They have Saturday AM dives and plan trips around the area. They offer the full range of courses. They are worth checking out.


I went to Rowan's Reef on Granville Island. They were pretty good. Entire course was $269 to get certified, though it is probably a little more now. It takes about two weeks in courses and an open water test. I don't think they have any two for one deals though. They will provide transportation to the pool and open water dives if you want. I went to them because they were the cheapest at the time and did not try to suck me into any "boat dives' or other money grabs.

thanks everyone for alll the excellent feedback. i really appreciate it.

temple, i'll take you up on that coupon offer as i don't have an entertainment guide. thank-you so much!

:) emme