Send us your old and new! Div.7 team seeks players

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Hey there,

I'm putting together a Div.7 team where

having a good time will be paramount. We

have a few players who know what they're

doing but our focus is going to be on

developing new players and having fun.

We're a young and welcoming team and would

love to hear from you,


Ian By Ian

I thought fun was the goal of the game...? New to this, but not tossing a disc. I love chasing them shiny, colorful, moving objects... By the way, what's with the division 7 thing? Are divisions determined according to geographical location?

Love to hear from ya!


could be interested, depending on night and if you need a soemwhat experienced guy...been playing for 6-7 years ..... I am about having a good time and spirit more than competition though...get back to me on what day you will be playing.


I'm looking for a team....I'm 29, new to Van, experienced player with a laid back attitude.

Hit me back,
604 836 7304

Hi I'm looking to join a team, I've played 3 years of tournaments and some league. The last two years I was in Japan, so no team out here! Let me know if you need a guy!


The remains of a fun loving team (2-3 guys, 2-3 girls) are looking for a new team. Experience varies from six years to none. Have you got room for us?

two guys with a couple of seasons under our belt looking for a team. You can contact me at 604 506-8770. Jon

Do you still need players a friend and I are looking for a team.