Setting pivots off a timeout

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I understand that when the disc is put into play, the pivot needs to be established at the position of where the disc was, and that after a timeout, the thrower needs to be the same person and the mark (if there was one) needs to be the same person.

If you called a timeout pivoting on the left, can you come out of the timeout pivoting on the right? I don't think there is a rule that addresses this so... I assume this is legal?

VI. Time-outs
B. 5. c) The player who had possession of the disc when the team time-out was called restarts play with a check at the pivot spot, ...

My understanding of this rule is that the pivot spot remains the same. The part of the thrower that is in contact with said pivot spot can change after a time-out.


The thrower has to establish a pivot at the spot of the disc, but there is no restriction on what the pivot is - you are free to use a different one.

By the way, the marker can change after the time out. However, if the marker does switch they will have to begin a new stall count.