Should the U.N. take action in libya?

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I have a sinking feeling that this thread may eventually get shut down but i feel like asking the question anyhow. Should the UN or an international body take action in Libya? does it even have the moral authority to do so?

m2c By m2c

I don't think this post would be taken down just for the subject.

If the 20th Century taught us one thing, outside interests can come into troubled nations and install a hand picked leader that will solve all the problems!

While a "quick" fix in Libya and other nations may seem like a good, even humanitarian decision, it is a plan doomed to failure that will spill more blood in the long run.

If there is going to be accepted reform in these countries then that reform MUST come from within, be supported by the citizens and be founded by the populous.

Any other situation will just lead to similar or worse problems 5, 10 or 20 years down the road.

The situation in Egypt is hopful, a realatively peaceful revolution that resulted in the beginnings of real reform. Where will that all go? Who knows, but an invasion force at the start of the protests would not have increased the chances for a good outcome.

In Libya, people are dying, and more will. But there is no solution to prevent that. The west passively supported many of these dictators for decades, and they killed thousands and stole billions. But the Oil kept flowing.

I hope the people can rise up and take back the country, then install a system of government that works.

"In Libya, people are dying, and more will. But there is no solution to prevent that."

There is no home-grown Libyan armament industry that I know of. Historically, the Soviets sold Qaddafi guns and planes. There are millions of guns in the world. Somebody's selling them.

When we stop fuelling the military-industrial complex (Canada about to spend $30 billion on jet fighters) and start expecting our leaders to participate in the wars they create, then we might start to see peace break out. Our society glorifies war at every turn. It is a sickness.