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I'm just wondering, if it's possible to allow sideline to help with out calls. Since a lot of the time, they do have the best prospective on many given out or in calls. Maybe, just for vul, we should allow sideline to have a say. I'm not saying whatever the sideline makes a call, the players on the field must accept. I'm saying that the player on the field can listen to their in or out call as a reference.
I'm suggesting this because a lot of the time, when the sideline tries to help out with a call, someone on the field will say something like, "sideline are not allow to say anything" or something similar. I don't believe that the sideline will cheap as the sideline are players too.
I'm just making a suggestion and not trying to make any argument.

I strongly dislike the idea that 'the sideline should have a say'.

That being said, there's no rule that the sideline has to be quiet. They can say whatever they
want. It is good to remember that nothing the sideline says matters. The sideline certainly
can't make a call. Nor should a player on the field make a call based solely on what the
sideline says/indicates.

I'll often indicate what I saw (silently) from the sideline when none of the players on the field
have an opinion on what happened, but I stay out of it, even when I had a clear view that
goes against what the players are calling.

Personally, I think the 14 players should take care of it. There's really only three different
types of line calls:

1. Unanimous agreement (by one or more players) on the line call.
2. Opposing line calls.
3. Nobody saw it well enough to make a call.

Obviously with 1, the call stands. With 2, it's BTT (or not-in the endzone). With 3, it's still
easy: IB.

Remember, In-Bounds is not a call. By default you're IB until you're called OB. If it was so
close that nobody saw it OB, then it's IB.

I don't really see why you'd want help from the sideline for any of the 3 scenarios. If there's
opposing calls (ever) then the right thing to do is to go BTT (or equivalent), not find
somebody to overrule one of the calls. All calls are valid.*

* Some just smell worse than others.

Completely agree with Temple here...

First, the players should be taking care of this as matter of course, same as with fouls and violations... or perhaps we should also ask the sideline if they saw the thrower's foot drag on a suspected travel, or whether the disc was released before "10".

If the players, whose responsibility it is to pay 100% attention to the game, haven't seen it, then why would the opinion of a non-player somewhere around the line, paying somewhere less than 100% attention have more weight.

If someone is given the responsibility for it, that's one thing, as they will have the job of giving it 100% attention, and will leave no 'quarrel-room' for the players. But if it's not the person's job, and the players aren't required to accept the opinion, it's just another point for further argument.

Someone on the field has the best perspective of the 13 other players... it's up to that person to speak up and make the call, instead of compromising on a much-less desirable choice.

full agreement. although i can think of one or two occaisions where i have been asked by the field, as a sideline inhabitant, whether i saw if someone was in or out, simply becuase i was the closest person to the action...

not completely off topic - this weekend at calgary regionals was home to several fine examples of why observers can be a great addition to an important game. couple of in/out calls that would have caused tempers to flare for sure.

I agree...

A good example is that sweet layout catch for the Qui UC vs. Bronco... Every point counts in that nailbiting orgasmical game.

Great to hear the cow-poke observers are working well :)

Pete... are you one of the 'crew' now?


Were you there Mortakai?

No, unfortunately I wasn't.

I WAS there for Ho-Down helping to train some of the observers that will be working at Nationals, and will be there for Nationals leading the motley crew of rag-muffins, er I mean observers.

Assuming you're there, look me up and say hi.

Mortakai, I will definately be there... I will definately look you up.

Scire, that was precisely the example i was thinking of...

Mort, your charges are doing very well indeed, even coming out to practice on league nights.

but no, i have not yet gone over to the dark side...

... search inside yourself pete... you know it to be true...


It's true, plus I hear word from Milan that peach is making a comeback.

Bah... Milan can keep their peach to make their lovely banana hammocks... it's goldenrod all the way, baby!

Mortakai, did you get any of the regular posters on 'Rules Forum' (IE: Stump and Temple) to help out with be observers at Nationals this year.

I wanna see these two guys. I have heard so much about them. :)

Stump is a rare visitor to the Rules forum, I'm not certain how much he'd even want to be an

Mort and I got 'observified' before CUC 2004 (and UPA Certified last year), but I don't think I
can afford the time/flight for CUC. If you want to meet me come out to Worlds. I'll be at the
Gold Medal Guts game.

"I'll be at the Gold Medal Guts game."

Riding the cooler along with the rest of us, I presume.

Hmm... Makes me wonder... Can you drink/play Guts games... as in 'liquid courage'?

"Riding the cooler along with the rest of us, I presume."

Hell no. I won't be spectating, I'll be participating. I'm taking bets. Name your stakes.

As for alcohol's relationship with Guts, reference the Gutsionary:

ADDENDUM 69B: To insure the safety of contestants, it is imperative that they be relaxed
during play. We have found that the most effective muscle relaxer to be good old alcohol,
applied internally. Therefore, all participants in Guts shall imbibe heavily in spirits – before,
during, and after competition. ... Although now purged from official competition rules,
Addendum 69B was once mandatory and strictly enforced. It is still aptly used in "spirit" and
in varying degrees of "moderation". Also known as: RULE 69B.

POST-OPTIMAL: That state achieved when considerably more alcohol is consumed than was
necessary to reach the most favorable or desirable inebriated playing level.

Are you on Team Red or Team Black? I'm debating whether to bet for or against myself.

I'm on Black. Actually, I was mistaken last night, you are on Black as well.

As they say, always bet on black. Though this may be the exception which proves the rule.

If you're anticipating being in the gold medal game, perhaps I should ask for more time off work...

heh... actually, he's going to be the 'relay' for the announcers during the Guts final... hence the use of the word "'AT' the gold game", rather than "'IN' the gold game".

Just remember Temple... just 'cuz you have a radio in your hand and a direct line to the guy with the mic (the announcer) doesn't mean that your heckles will be broadcast for all... but then again...

and oh sure... now that you've seen IN's hands of gold you steal him from the 'good' team and conveniently move him over to the dark side... damn you Darth Temple!

Yeah, we'll see how golden those hands are when the disc starts coming in twice as fast.

He was on the Dark team since last Friday. If told you all the criteria that went into my
whirring, beeping, clanking roster generator you'd probably laugh. Interesting to note, there's
two 42s and two 7s, both on different teams. Hmm...

Incidentally, I found this:

Please tell me he still has that bitchin' moustache.

I honestly don't know the rules backward and forward well enough to be an observer, but I like them so much I made a film about them.

Leon (formerly Stump)

p.s. Everything you've heard is probably true. Esp. the bad stuff.

Hmm... What is this film you speak of... Makes me wanna see it now.