Sigh... still have SOCKS for sale

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$5 per pair, tax included...

If you like below-the-ankle socks, email me.

If you like thin, up the shin socks, email me.

If you are a woman with size 8-10 feet, I have great socks for you - email me!

If you have women's size 5-8 or men's size 4-7 feet, and like white comfy sports socks email me!

These socks are fabulous, and retail for $15/pr.

Hope to hear from you, can't wait to sell out!



I can't believe you still have these left!

I can vouch for these socks though. I have like 10 pair, and bought my boyfriend (now, my ex-boyfriend) a number of pairs as well. I still wear them, very comfortable on the soles. If I actually had any money, I'd buy a couple more from ya, but alas, I is broke!

finally, someone trolling for a date on the personals page!

As for the socks: got 6 pairs, like em.

i am soooo NOT looking for a date! i'm on a man-cleanse!

Finn, did you just say "got six pair, I like Emme"?

Man cleanse... someone else can take that one..

I wish i was that clever. I like my socks. Occasionally I also like to eat paste.