Solar energy potential of your home.

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This costs $10.00 US but, having gone through it myself, seemed an easy, elegant way to learn about the solar potential of your building. MK

SolarRating Online is a space for homeowners to begin to learn about solar technology in their family's energy mix.

First homeowners enter their civic address; SolarRating Online finds their home. Then follow a series of simple, visual steps entering roof or wall slope and surrounding obstructions that might cause shading on the solar panels. Once these simple steps are completed the homeowner can receive a solar suitability rating for their home roof or wall.

Another good resource for homeowners, this one available through BC Hydro. Excerpt below, link
goes to website. They have a special offer on until 03/09. I believe the audit itself costs about

"An energy audit is a great way to start making your home more energy efficient. Home energy
auditors are trained to view your house as a system. They will give your house a current and
potential energy efficiency rating and let you know what is working and what needs to be
upgraded. Auditors are not out to sell you specific products and you are under no obligation to
make the improvements they suggest."