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Anyone know if there are leagues or drop in or anything for a squash hack like myself to try out?


Politics? Seriously?


M2C: "Politics? Seriously?"

Forum: "Politics, etc: Anything non-ultimate."

Hey forum cop, why don't you go [moderate] yourself.

The first thing I would do if I were King of the VUL for a day would be to change the title of this
forum to something like "On the Sideline" or something equally inane yet appropriate as a non-
ultimate forum. Why on Earth is 'politics' the primary (and only) non-ultimate topic suggested for
discussion? Hell, "Food, Fun, and Fucking the Dog" would be about 100x better than "Politics,
etc". The reason bullshit political discussions dominate has a lot to do with that simple choice for
the name.

Yes, I was going with 'etc'.

Any squash players out there?

Dunbar Community Centre has squash courts. Not sure if there's a drop-in league.

Vancouver Racquet Club is much more expensive, but does have leagues, lessons, etc.

Great sport. Nothing beats being nailed with a squash ball traveling at speed. By nothing, I mean pretty much anything.

Also check out the West End Community Centre, on Davie St downtown.

I played once at UBC back in the day. The JCC at Oak and 41st also has courts.

Oh, the politics of squash! don't get me started..!