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As soon as there is a turnover and the disc is on the ground inside the field
lines, is it reasonable to begin a stall count as soon as the offensive player
picks up the disc?

I was warned this week to give my check more time before I begin counting
stalls. I suppose I may be starting stall count as soon as a check makes
contact with his fingers and picks up the disc. Am I being unspiritful or making
a violation?

bit of a grey area actually, so long as the opposing player has picked up a disc and established a pivot you should be able to begin your stall count. if the above hasn't occurred it would be better to call delay of game.

XIV. The Marker
2. Only the marker (II.K) may initiate or continue a stall count, and may do so anytime a thrower has possession of a disc that is live or in play. However, directly after a turnover or when putting the pull into play the stall may not be initiated before a pivot is established, unless delay of game or pre-stall rules (XIII.A.3, XIII.A.4, XIII.A.5 or VI.B.5.d) apply.

So as long as the thrower has possession of the disc, and has established a pivot the marker can begin counting stalls.


In reading the rules, the "However clause" leads me to think that the pivot foot is in effect only after a turnover or after the pull. The rules would suggest to me that you can initiate stall counts after catching the disk before the catcher has come to a full stop. Otherwise, the however clause is unnecessary if the pivot foot is always applicable.

Sorry Allen, I may not have been clear in my response. I was refencing the original poster's question which involved a turnover. You are correct in the normal course of play, that the stall can begin as soon as the thrower establishes possession of the disc.