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On a pull, can the receiving team stop a rolling disc with their foot? And if so, must the player who stops the disc play it or can anyone on the receiving team play the disc?
I've seen this done at a few games but couldn't see anything in the rules about it.

I believe anyone (o and d) can stop a rolling disc with any part of the body, and anyone (receiving team) can play the disc following that.

XVI. Violations and Fouls
E. Any player may stop a rolling or sliding disc, but advancing it in any direction is a violation.

No mention that the player who stops the disc must pick it up.


As long as the disc has touched the ground in bounds anyone may stop it rolling (as long as no advancing). The person who stops it does not have to take possesion.

Often you will see the first person stop it, and then run through to gain a position downfield, while their teammates pickup the disc