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E/. By E/.

Hey all, love the new site; however, have a few bothersome issues.

A couple of suggestions for improving the usability of the website after playing with it for a while

1. Include contact email addresses for the board members and co-ordinator on the Board page, in the Home tab.

Reasoning: its rather difficult to find email addresses for these people currently.

2. When logged in, and waivered, remove the "Waiver" link from the Team page.

Reasoning: prevents double waivering and lets people know that they have successfully waivered.

3. Lots of really outdated info on some pages. Like the Links page in the Home tab, or the fee information from 2002.

Just some little things but thought I would point them out.

Love the new design and speed improvements!

The Board can be reached at

And the Coord at

And looking at it, I see that the little "contact us" link at the bottom of the page is gone.

One general suggestion: Increase the timeout for

when the ticket/cookie expires so you don't have

to re-login every 15 min, or better yet have it

never log you out (non-session ticket/cookie), if

you desire.

Three suggestions for the forum:

1. Have new topics at the top, rather than at the

bottom. It will be a real pain to scroll all the way

down when these forums start to fill up.

2. Have topics with replies bumped to the top of

the list. There may be reasons for not doing this,

but it may be useful.

3. Add a search of the forums.

Hey all,

Thanks for the feedback!

The site is stil undergoing a few tweaks, so things like the "contact us" link will return shortly (thanks, ChrisB).

To address your second question, E/., when logged in, if you have already signed your waiver and you click the "returning players" waiver link, you will see a message stating that you do not need to sign it again. With this option in place, removing the Waiver link isn't necessary.

Temple, login sessions expire after 20 minutes of inactivity. Extending sessions indefinitely would tax the server, but a "login me in automatically" cookie setting is an option for the future.

Good suggestions for the sort order on forum subjects. Descending by date is much better. They will probably remain in order by original posted date rather than reply...we'll see.

A search feature will have to wait for the next version release or update.

emd By emd

How about the ability to subscribe to a post so that you get notified when somone responds.

And the discussions should definately be sorted so that the newest topic (by recent post) is a the top.

Big suggestion:

Put a link to "my team page" under the Team tab! Actually, it should be the default page under that tab. Right now I have to go to Home -> League Info and then click the link in the right sidebar to get to that page.

But otherwise, nice design. :)

E/. By E/.

Cool, the contact us link is back... sometimes. It should really be on every page instead of requiring the user to go back or forth to find a page it exists on.

If it is confusing to put "Contact Us" on every page perhaps changing the text to "Contact League" would provide the needed clarity.

'Lost and Found' is going to be a useful Forum topic once the season starts up again.

Also, I seem to have to log in on each tab. That's going to get fixed, right?

Captain O,

If you are logged in and see the login screen on a different tab, it may be a caching issue. Refresh the page.

Lost and Found is a topic that shows up only for logged in players. Anyone who is not logged in or is only a guest member, cannot view the Lost and Found.

Should it be opened up to all?

It was a caching issue, thanks. I'd always wondered what that 'check for newer version of stored pages' setting in IE was for. Now I know. :)

Lost & Found is fine the way it is - I just couldn't see it. Thanks.

and all of those great new posts!

Fancybread: Should it be opened up to all?

Well, since you ask, I thought about it (... and I just know that no-one would have been able to sleep at all until I'd done that...)

I'd think that there are some cases where it might be better that it was opened up... not that many, mind you, but at least some. For example: I may bring a non-VUL-registered player out to a game (unlikely, but go along anyway...), and they may realize after leaving that they've inadvertently picked up the bra and panties for that voyeur-lady on the other team (again, a comment about the "willing suspension of disbelief" may be warranted). They may go to the VUL website to see if there is a lost-and-found... and finding none (because they're not a member and wouldn't think to register to see if anything's different), would just add it to their collection.

Realistically, I'm curious why it's not visible to just anyone? Is it because of the contact information that might be in it? That's certainly a good reason, but if that's a risk that is big enough to partially secure it, is the hiding of it until a registered user good enough? (anyone could sign up and see it, right?) I'd think it'd be safe enough to open up to all as it was before, and let people use the board's email service to help protect the personal information.

Just my thoughts of course... which are partially clouded by my friend's display of women's underthings strewn around our place.

I may be the only one, but I think Mortakai's scenario is a little far fetched. :)

The more common one, which I think keeping the Lost & Found closed is designed to prevent is random scurilous individuals claiming things that don't belong to them. Does that ever happen? I don't know. Not among registered VUL users, surely, and with registered users we have a record of who claimed the item. :)

It doesn't really matter to me whether it's closed or open as I never lose anything (except my hair) but I seem to find a lot of other peoples' stuff and I would like to make sure it gets back to the right people.

Nice to see the subjects sorted by most recent


but I think that the forum topicss shouldn't be


this way. I think it's better if all the forum topics

stay static.

Also, a minor feature request. Perhaps have the

"Allow Email Link" setting remembered for a

user, even after logout.

I really like the private team forum. Is there anyway to allow guests to also be able to access your own teams forum. This way I can keep my mom up to date on what is happening with the team.

Can we puhleaze get a feature to remember our login info? That's my big beef at the moment. Everything else is wonderful. Great work!

Re: Team forums

Better formatting needed? Ex. Hard returns while posting=Line breaks in post

Allow some HTML formatting? Bold, Italics, Links?

And the ability to re-edit posts!

Great website getting better. Now, to make it perfect:

1. "Attendance," I hope our team learns to rely on this feature, but perhaps the option "Absent" can be added to the pull down list so we can distinguish between those diligent enough to provide their regrets and the those who are just generally slothful.

2. "My Team Page" - this is probably tougher - but can their be an easier way to navigate between all the teams to which a person belongs.

Again, great work webmaster.



What I'd like to see is a way to mark which posts are unread by username. Looks to me like the current method uses cookies, so if 2 people are using the same computer they'll miss some posts, or if you use more than one computer you don't know which ones are new.

E/. By E/.

Another suggestion:

Can the schedule appear on the main page like it did in the old days?

I really like the new format but I find that I have to think for a second before I click on the schedule link. It would be a minor time saver (IMHO) to put the schedule on the main page again.



"Regrets" is now an option - thanks. Again, great website.

Hey all,

Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions. You can expect that most of this stuff will be put on a wish list for future consideration.

With that said, here are some replies (lumped together):

Captain O,

At the request of the coord, you will soon be able to set a cookie to automatically log in. We'll skip right over the remember my login part....



Team forum formatting will be addressed (if it already hasn't) shortly.

The ability to edit your own posts will likely be a feature for a future update.


Why Not,

Yup. Regrets. This was a great suggestion from a few folks and a lot easier to implement than I originally anticipated.

"My Team Page" will eventually be replaced by "my vul page" where your member history wil be broken down into what teams you played on for each event, which clinics, etc. you've played in...stuff like that. We'll probably include a vanity option where you can write a blurb, publish your member profile, etc. We'll stop short of bloggin' though...



Yup. You are recognized by a cookie when it comes to displaying the new forum posts. If you don't want the person you share your computer with to reset the cookie between visits, use separate logins on your PC...



The decision ws made to separate the nasty team page into smaller logical pages. Sure, you lose the immediacy of the in your face schedule, but that's a trade off we decided to make...

Again, thanks for all the feedback!

Nice work on the new website.

I would like to see Vancouver spelled correctly on the header of the home page.

can the team schedules be exported to a csv format for import into Outlook? Even a dump to Access would allow me to construct a query that would do it.

Ideal would be a link for each team where they can dl a file ready for import. But that could be a lot of work.

Ok, here's a suggestion: how about a listing of local pubs that can be sorted by distance from different fields? Now THERE'S a useful feature.

Greg, there's a much easier solution (at least easier on the developers). Just highlight the schedule table, paste into excel, save-as csv. Done... 15 seconds for me. Nicely separated into proper columns.

.. your mileage may vary.

I'll consider myself educated on that one... Thanks. Of course I did it the old fashioned way, just typed it in. Took five minutes or so.

Good work. Just a thought, change the stylesheet to limit the width of the displayed images on Team pages so that large images don't blow up the page.

Jon By Jon

When you click on "reply" to a post in the middle of a thread, you should see that post up above you, not the original post from the thread.

Also, is there a way to expand the message box that I'm currently typing in so that:

a) We can see more of the post we're typing,

b) We can see the post how it's going to look while it's posted.