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Miles here from Grope of 7, I'm looking for either a significant number of players or possibly merging with another team in the same situation. We've had a significant number of people not return for this year. We're a Tuesday team (hopefully) and are C-B level. Please let me know if you can offer any advice or a possible solution. Thanks!

kip By kip

I would be interested as a single player if you are looking for someone.

Hey Miles

I am moving to Vancouver in mid-March and definitely need to hook up with a couple teams. I have played in the Winnipeg league for 5 yrs a couple nights a week and some winter indoor. Can`t wait to be there just to play pick up until the season starts. Email me if you r still looking for individual guys.

I (F) and another player (M) are looking for a fun, happy team.

Please email me at if you are still looking for people.


I am part of a team that plays Wed nights, but a bunch of our players are looking to play on another night as well. we were thinking of starting a new team, but that is easier said than done, so merging with an existing team might be just what we are looking for.

email me back and let me know about how many players you have, how many you need, gender etc.


Hi Miles,

still interested in one more female player? I would be available any night except Thursday.

Hi Miles,

I am looking to get on a fun team this summer - let me know if you still need someone - or i am on the matchmaker list.



two females, possibly a couple friends to sub, would like tues. or thurs. evenings. pls. email me back asap at

we've both played one year. looking to improve, don't really want to play with beginners though, sorry.

thank you, erika