Summer Ultimate Finals

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The Ottawa Ultimate league has a "final Finals" where the top teams from each weeknight play each other for the top position. They call it "Godzilla".

The VUL should consider doing something like this in future Summer Leagues.

Would be cool.



I have been looking for that for years!

This week seems to be a good time to do it, after league, after Nationals, before Fall League.

Pick a weeknight and a field (Winona?) and have the top 4 teams play a Semi and a Final. Host a BBQ. Etc...

Who is the best of the best? 10s of people in the VUL want to know!


That's what our end-of-summer tournament is for -- teams from different nights can play each other. We just had field challenges this year, and ended up overlapping with CUC.

As for a special playoff, the main problem is overlap: each night is not as distinct as you might think, and the top teams on multiple nights often have the same players. Sometimes even more than a few: a few years ago, the top Mon and Thurs teams were basically the same group. But we will consider the idea for the future.