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Just because I love the Canucks so much, I've decided to start a thread so that we can post our predictions and celebrate our joy!

My joy: Sedin twins never letting me down. Henrik scores assisted by Daniel in 4th overtime for a 5-4 win over Dallas for Game 1.

Let's celebrate!

I predict that millions of people will let their mood be determined by the antics of wealthy men

chasing a piece of frozen rubber around an ice surface. Further, they will be subjected to hours of

advertising for the privilege. Mostly for beer and cars. Two products that don't mix very well.

I prefer bread to circuses I guess.

My, I'm a grumpy old man today.

-->I predict that millions of people will let their mood be determined by the antics of wealthy men<--

Well at least there is one thing that all (ok, most) Canadians share.... :)

I let my mood be determined by the antics of the CBC darling Leafs torturing their legions of arrogant fans by missing the playoffs again. (oh! so close!)

what wont be as satisfying is the Senators torturing their fans as they go out in the second round.

Calgary should make the second round, but it will be close.

The Giants don't receive enough coverage but they're playing well.. Gotta love a team with a player named Wacey Rabbit...

Great to see the Canucks with only 10 healthy wealthy men forwards against the Stars rolling four lines through 7 periods and finally get the win. reminds me of the Gnarly Gnines tournament.... bring on game 2...!

theres not a chance calgary is goin anywhere....their new "offesnive game" has barely put one by hasek right now, detroit will kill them.

and as for the canucks praise of only having 10 guys...have u seen the difference of young and old between the stars? pyatt and the sedins shud be able to last longer than modano...

wow, that stump sure is depressing.

i feel bad now cause i'm going to the game tonight when i could be using that money to feed the hungry or build shelters or help cure cancer--all of which i'm sure stump spends his free time and money on.

Why are you letting my accurate observation regarding the nature of spectators and professional

sports ruin your good time? Personally, I enjoy watching some sports, especially ones that I've

played... I just don't find myself making much of an emotional investment in the outcome. It's

the beauty of pure talent and athleticism, the heartbreak or triumph of games lost or won that I

find compelling. Regional boosterism or puffing up with national pride isn't something I engage

in very much, esp. when many teams in many sports are a veritable U.N of athletes.

The cure for cancer/feed the hungry comment is pure red herring.

whatever, you won't see me running around with the canadian flag tatooed on my ass and the canucks on my forehead, but i can still get caught up in the fun. too bad it seems you can't.

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geezzz - so much negativity. i expect more out of you lot really, a lot more of the whoot and holla and less of the 'meh'ness. well, either way, series are tied at me, i will cheer them on - minus the shirts and flags and towels :)

So mO, does that mean you're not wearing any of the above? Who's got a video camera?

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oh you boys!

we just won in OT, Pyatt from Smolinski and Linden at 7:47.

We lead series 2-1.

And I did not watch the game today :) See, the theory still fits.

It cant be said enough... It's so nice to have a goalie.


Lu is kick A(*@&#; Nassie is BACK BABY - he's playing WAY better than two weeks ago; Hank & Dank are my heros; Pyatt is HOT; Bulis is actually making plays! with his new found danish linemate Hansel (much, much better than Hansen) - that Hansel is just so hot right soon as Cookie is back, we'll be unstoppable.

Nucks in 6!!

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So Sopel's still out? Crackers...geez! I'm happy that Burrows is back, and once Cooke is back, we surely will be unstoppable....Nucks in 5 lets hope :)

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Sopel played last game.

I think it has been too long since we have been able to yell, "LOOOOOOOOO" at a Vancouver sporting event.

I think that Stumpy must be a Dallas fan...that is the source of his grumpiness!! ;=)

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lol, well in that case

Hey Stumpy! isn't it true that when the Nucks scored in OT on Sunday, the stadium went SILENT before the Nuck fans went nuts?

In the predictions dept... if/when the Canucks make it out of this round, it will come down to an inevitable showdown with the Ducks. THAT will be a tough series and IF the Ducks' goaltending falters at all they will fall under a relentless barrage of 2-1 and 1-0 games.

In the east it will be Buffalo vs. Ottawa. If Emery continues his solid play then it's an all Canada final.

No team in the east is as impressive as what's going on in the west. The west will win the final.

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I hope everybody is wearing blue today (BELIEVE IN BLUE campaign).

Believe in [Oilers?]


=D turco with shutout number 3!

stars in 7 =]

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jesse! ur cut. :P
canucks will win game 7, 2-1. OT.

"Bieksa/Ohlund/Salo starts out from behind the net, hard pass up the boards, tipped into the Dallas zone by Morrison/Bulis/Linden... Puck gathered up by Zubov/Turco/Sydor and under pressure by Hansen/Smolinski/Burrows cleared out to centre ice... Sopel mishandles/overskates/gives away the puck but Naslund/Henrik/Pyatt recovers and dumps it back behind the Dallas net. Turco clears the puck."

To save money during the playoffs, this will be the play by play recording of Jim Hewson's voice tonight on CBC. He will have the night off. They will intersperce this patter with soundbites from the huge archive of obvious/useless/mispronounced comments from Harry Neale.

After some stellar goaltending, the puck will trickle in from some broken play and the game will end 1-0.

whoo hoo! I can't wait to watch!

As long as it's YOU watching, and NOT Mo!

... you were watching on Saturday, weren't you Mo?

Giants all the way, bayyybeeee!

Canucks move on :)

Going to be a tough one against Burkie's Turkeys (to quote the Vancouver Sun).

Speaking of the Vancouver Sun... they called me last night 10 minutes into the third period to see if I wanted a subscription. I can't remember what I told them, but I don't think it was particularly nice :)

quack quack =)

Couple thoughts from game 1:

The singer couldn't get through the Canadian anthem fast enough, but at least she had the right tune and words. Then she morphed into a hybrid of Cher/Barry White and with a honour guard of marines gave it her all for the American anthem. I have no problem with this, just it was interesting, with all this pomp and bombast, how bored and quiet the crowd was, no singing along, and even during the game there was little crowd noise. Just another day at the rink, ho hum.

Game 2 will be a better game all around and 3 & 4 here will be a madhouse. Gird your loins, people!

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Lol sorry I'm slow to respond Mort. yes I was watching on Saturday. But I watched on Monday too (@ the game, thank u very much :P) and we won!!! lol, i didnt watch yesterday and we lost...think the pattern is reversed now?? maybe its because of my special t-shirt (i didnt wear it yesterday btw - so our theory might be working).

... just keep growing your playoff beard, mO ;p

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Mort! It worked! I wore my special t-shirt and carried my blanket in the car today and we
won!!!! Gooooo special t-shirt!!!


how are you even replying?? shouldn't you be in a car on your way to corvalis? or were you one of those who left real early?

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lol, or one of the ones who left real late...or this is just your imagination....OoOOO....

i checked the site, looks like we won on Friday! Yay! I celebrated in my hotel room with some of the girls...too bad for today though, sighs. Oh the plus side, UBC Women's is going to Nationals! *does her little victory dance*

Let's look to Tuesday for a win from the Canucks!!

The ducks almost looked bored with their dominant run to the cup. All through the playoffs they calmly doled out defeats and elbows to the head of anyone in their way.

They also looked like they were going through the motions with their cup celebrations. Grab the cup, couple pumps, kiss it, pass it to the next guy. Why not go for a skate? show it to the fans?

The teams in the West are used to tough games, gruelling flights, hard defensive hockey, they play that way all year. In the East it's easy commutes and finesse hockey. In the end it turned out to be no contest.

Which Canadian team will run to lose in the final next year? Canucks in '94, Flames and Oilers the last couple years, Senators this year (the only one to not go 7 games) I guess if the Habs can't get it together then the 'nucks have to have another go.

after that we'll have to move the Predators to Hamilton or Winnepeg and let them have a go.

Yes, with Anaheim's victory its clear that "clutch and grab" hockey is back with a vengeance. Pretty obvious by the officiating during their 21 game run that Bettman wanted them to win the Cup. Unfortunately, hockey still won't take (look at all the empty seats in the Honda Center for game 5) in sunny states. Sure, California has the same population as all of Canada, but do they care about hockey? No. Why Bettman insists that these markets will make this greasy little yankee loving slimeball more money is beyond me. Rumour has it he wants a team in Las Vegas. Yeah, that'll fly. Lynch this ass and bring in someone who cares about the game.

But hey, at least he made all 4 of the Ducks' fans really happy the other night.

2-0 preseason...??!? Mike Gillis is a genius!!

The stanley cup parade route should go down Burrard to Pacific to Granville to Robson...

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5 and OOOOOOO baby!

roll out the welcome Mats

Wow. I never thought it would actually happen. Good on Gillis. The possible line combinations are endless now...