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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment out and invite you to a very interesting, game changing campaign. A friend of mine, Trevor Loke, is running for the Surrey-Newton provincial writing. While only 20, Trevor, is working on very interesting projects like Rail for the Valley, and organising non-partisan anti-gang rallies. Trevor is receiving wide support from people of all stripes because of his unique and inclusive approach to how government should be run, and accessed, and his thoughtful and insightful approach to issues that are important to people. Trevor wants to see government work for the people of BC, and not only big labour and big business.

I would like to invite everyone to watch this campaign unfold in a previously very safe NDP writing, and from what I have heard from some people I know inside the NDP, the NDP is running scared for this seat. You can help by simply showing support for him on his facebook group, or if you have some time, or would otherwise like to help you can visit him on his website.


m2c By m2c

So Trevor Loke is a popular local candidate who might be getting some level of support in the area...but he has almost 0 chance of being elected under the current system of First Past the Post. Like the Green Party (which is getting very strong support in BC for a "third" party), the current system makes it unlikely that anyone not with major party can get elected.

So if you want to help the Trevor Loke's of the world then vote YES for the STV in the upcoming election.


And if you want real leadership, demand of your candidate a summary of the effects of their
platform over the next ten, fifty, and two hundred years. Any politician who can't answer the
question has no business running a popsicle stand let alone a province.

If you believe the answer that's up to you!

My popsicle stand is going to be multi-national in 50 years and I'm buying GE in 100!

And those are the cold, hard facts of the popsicle biz? :-)

Not saying they would have a great or even correct answer, but failure to recognize the need for
long-long-term planning and an approach that scales past four year cycles is a big reason for our
current residency in Economic-Bummer-ville. I want politicians that aren't afraid to share their
vision of 2200 AD. Any chump can plan for tomorrow.

Looking at organizations that have thrived for the long-term (the Catholic Church and the Masons
are two examples that come to mind), a big reason for their success is a planning process that
isn't afraid to think in terms of millenia.