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This got me off to a great start today, thanks kermit.

Here's the New York Times review of the museum.

They're open on Sundays!

I love this, some items to purchase:

Be reminded daily of the true history of the world as you use this Creation Museum coffee mug - Do I need to think about that EVERY morning??

Give this unique creation calendar to anyone who loves nature! Beautiful images, concise teaching sections and 13 months of holiday reminders. - They've slipped in Smarch!

DVD The Science of Evolution! - This educational trivia game was designed to help fight the brainwashing of an entire generation. It clearly shows that the modern Darwinian theory of evolution is arguably the greatest hoax of modern times. - Hosted by Kirk Cameron, on the come back trail!


It's ridiculous and would be funny if it weren't believed by so many.


is hilarious and I love the fancy graphic.

Lots of job openings too! Requires a testimony of salvation though....

and this: is insanity.

Whoa, hang on a second... how the heck does dinosaur animatronics bring the pages of the bible to life? Now granted, although I read a lot of it, I do need to admit that I didn't read it at all, and certainly may have missed something in my haste, but I don't remember reading about dinosaurs in there.

But hey... today's Buddy Davis Day!!!

Hey, have any of you heard of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? I personally subscribe to all of its teachings, and highly recommend you check it out.


Will there be a Pastafarian Museum?

canada represent !!!

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