Think the Olympics are about sport and peace?

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Check out the WWW link below.

I couldn't read the link, could you re-post it, I'd like to read what it's about.


It's probably only available for a limited time and then is archived... ah well, such is the risk when posting dynamic pages.

This is in reaction to the Atlanta games where competing products would "hijack" the games viewership to promote their products, for instance Nike bought every billboard around the Atlanta games in order to highjack the Adidas Sponsorship.

As the Athens games are progressing very few people are being turned away, and it doesn't seem to me that anybody has been turned away who didn't have the INTENT of promoting some competing product. The organizers are requesting some shirts turned inside-out, and some labels removed from bottle held by people in visible camera angles, however I think it's reasonable.

I believe that amateur sports are a wonderful part of our society. The need to foster them seems to be recognized universally, with countries including Iran, Iraq and Afganistan competing against, and along side of Britain and the Unites States. This isn't a commercial venture, and as such every country has the ability to compete, every child in the world can dream of achieving this unique international accolade.

If the price for that is that some companies leverage the exposure by supplying funds for amateur sports, and the olympics specifically. Then that is fine by me. If the price is that those companies who put in hundreds of millions of dollars, have some special treatment, and other companies who only seek to benefit from the hype, without giving back to the community are left out, then all the better. This isn't a case of the big guy screwing the little guy, this is a case of the big guy giving back to the little guy. Of companies supporting individuals (even if it is for profit reasons, because by better exposure they sell more products).

This is completely reasonable.

If Gaia was supporting some Ultimate tournament, and another athletics company came along and set up a tent without supporting the tournament would that be more fair? How about if Gaia paid for Furious George's plane tickets and gave each of the players a few hundred bucks for expenses, and only asked them to wear free Gaia equipment if they won? Seems completely reasonable. Seems fair, and seems parallel to what's happening at the Olympics.

I support the Olympics coming to Vancouver.

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<---How about if Gaia paid for Furious George's plane tickets and gave each of the players a few hundred bucks for expenses, and only asked them to wear free Gaia equipment if they won? Seems completely reasonable. Seems fair, and seems parallel to what's happening at the Olympics.--->

That is not the same. Athens is being discriminatory against *spectators* not athletes! I don't mind if the athletes clothing is controlled, but controlling the public just doesn't seem right to me. That would be like enforcing that everyone wear Gaia when they watch FG.

I support the Olympics coming to Vancouver as well.

The part about Adidas' contract with "Team USA" is pretty much exactly like that part of my example.

From other articles about this situation (yes, there have been a few) it's pretty clear that they aren't just turning people away. They're merely trying to prevent the kind of ambush advertising that happened in Atlanta

Here's an article from the bbc.

As for water etc. Why is it such a big deal to take off the label? They're not limiting their ability to bring in a water bottle, just the ability to advertise for another company.

They aren't discriminating against the spectators, they're discriminating against the product placement of competing products that have not in any way, shape, or form, supported the huge bill that goes into the games. Personally I think it would be better if the government foot the whole bill, rather than relying on sponsorship from corporations. Sure, let them sponsor atheletes and teams, let them wear logo's etc. But the games itself should be purely funded by the governments. However with the amount of whinging and crying about the "cost" of the Olympics, it's necessary to squeeze out a few hundred extra million in this manner, otherwise it would never fly. So you can't (not saying that you are doing this emd, but I see it all the tiem) you can't complain about how much the Olympics cost government, and then also complain about the sponsorship "issues".

Not suprisingly, when it comes to issues of branding, the media, and messages, Marshall Mcluhan

foresaw our future, where the name, as signifier, has commercial potential and also the potential to

limit our range of self expression. He commented, "Once we have surrendered our senses and

nervous systems to the private manipulation of those who would try to benefit from taking a lease

on our eyes and ears and nerves, we don't really have any rights left. Leasing our eyes and ears

and nerves to commercial interests is like handing over the common speech to a private

corporation, or like giving the earth's atmosphere to a company as a monopoly."

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They can't be THAT effective if they couldn't stop a guy in a tutu with a website written across his chest. I guess markers and any other writing instruments also need to be confiscated at the gates.

Here's a really good article with a lot of info about ambush marketting. You can either cut and paste this:

or just click the www link.

Medal tallies by population, updated daily.

Australia is second. USA is 34th, Canada 36th.

I hope this super long url worx.


Here's another site. Also has it by GDP...where Canada actually beats the US!

This is an interesting connection... a quick check of the theory reveals that it holds good for the most part. The four countries that spend the most on their military (from are the USA, China, Russia, and Japan. These are four of the five countries at the top of the medal count! The USA is also way ahead in both categories, but of course farther ahead in military spending. Of the top eight military spenders, only the UK is not in the top eight at the Olympics (they are 11th). Australia is the odd one out, as they are 4th in medals but 13th in military spending.

But here's the kicker...Canada? 16th in both categories! I guess we're not underachieving after all.