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In a game this week I was told that if the thrower's arm makes contact (unintentional and non-dangerous) with the marker's head before the disc is released, it is the throwers foul.

I was not able to find anything in the rules to support this. As far as I can tell the only way a thrower can foul a marker is if they pivot into the mark once he/she has set up.

I realize the chances of this are rare, but it is possible if the marker is shorter and moves in the way of the thower's arm.

In general, the person who initiated contact is guilty of the foul.

If both thrower and marker are moving at the time of contact, in this case head towards arm at same time as arm towards head, then the answer of who contacted who may well be "both", in which case it's up to the thrower and marker to determine whether to (or both to) call call foul(s), contest or not, or just play on.

Specific example, take a hack by the marker's arm to the thrower's arm before the throw... most would agree it's foul on the marker. Now compare that to a lunge by the marker where the markers head contacts the arm but all in all it's the same sort of contact... should for the same reason be foul on the marker.

Another example, take a forward step and backhand throw where at some point, the head and arm make contact... did the thrower pivot and throw towards the marker's head, or did the marker's reaction to the forward step move the head simultaneously towards the throwers arm...

It's all situational... and difficult to determine fault. But not always the thrower's foul, no.