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I caught the disc running into the end zone; yelled "not in" and walked back to the goal line. Do I have to check the disc at that point (tap on ground or tap by my defender). Or can I just establish my pivot foot and throw?

You DO have to touch the disc to the ground---which is required anytime you move with the disc to another spot to then put it into play---but you do not have to, and actually SHOULD NOT, offer it to any defender to touch/tap.

The touching the disc to the ground after an end-zone run-in or side-line run-out or to brick the disc is NOT a check and so does NOT need any defensive involvement or acknowledgement. A check is only necessary to restart play after play has STOPPED, which are other situations entirely.

... yes, a thrower may need to touch the disc to the ground DURING A CHECK (i.e., stoppage) if a defender is not within reach, and because it's a CHECK, this does first require defensive acknowledgement and readiness... but that's completely different than the "still live" walking with the disc and then touching it down.

Back to your original question... simply move to the line, touch the disc down, and throw that point.

In short, you must ground-tap the disc. This shows that you are establishing a pivot, and that you can legally throw the disc. This is not optional.

You do not "check" the disc here (as that is altogether different, and can take several different forms).


"Oops"... in "Oops, I guess I misunderstood what the rules require when I argued that my goal should count because I didn't need to first touch the disc down before I threw the goal." ?

Nope, it's actually worse than that.

Oops, as in I had a discussion with someone regarding this very rule, and was lead to believe that a ground tap wasn't necessary, and thus included it into the indoor rules.

That's what I get for not reading the proper rule.

It's a common mistake; people routinely confuse checks and ground-taps both on the field and off. It sure doesn't help that the ground-tap is one of the most rarely enforced rules in the game.

IN (aka JK)... I don't interpret what you have on the indoor rules as saying that a ground-touch is or is not necessary. It IS saying that the catch in the EZ from the defensive half needs to be carried back to the line, but I don't interpret that as meaning that the ground-touch is not still necessary. It also uses the clause, "as if it had been run in"...

... and since these rules are the 'exceptions from the 11th', and you're not explicitly sayign that the ground-touch requirement is different, then you're still good.

Other than any needed verbal clarifications. ... which may also re-clarify an earlier clarification that you may have made.

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