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Scenario: Offensive player 1 makes a completed pass to offensive player 2 which results in a travel call on the throw by offensive player 1 and all on field players have stop moving except for offensive players 2 who sees offensive player 3 open and attempts a pass that is not completed.

The logical thing would be a turnover but last year when playing collage, the same thing happened when we were on defense and the above scenario played out and we were expecting to go on the offense but our coach at the time who has played on multiple elite touring teams spoke up and gave the disc back to the offense. I don't recall what his explanation was which makes this even more confusing for me.

When play is Stopped, regardless of what happens, the disc is not subject to Turn Over.

The rule of the thumb for when play Stops is that play automatically Stops at the first end-
of-flight after a call (or there is no subsequent throw of course).

Meaning, if the throw happens after the call, the moment that flight ends, play automatically
Stops. If the call happened while the disc was in the air, the moment that flight ends, play
automatically Stops.

Refer to the Continuation Rule (XVI.C) for exact details.

I'm not 100% clear from your description, but I'm going to assume that the Travel call was
made when the disc was in the air after O1 threw it. If that is the case, then play is Stopped
when that flight ends. Any passes, completed or not, don't count subsequent to that.

There are a lot of good reasons why this rule exists this way, and there are also a lot of times
where it doesn't really seem fair for a Turn Over to not count. It's just the way it is.

Your assumption is correct. The travel was indeed called as the disc was in the air prior to reaching O2. So what would be the correct course of action in such a given case? Give up the disc and play D or enforce the rule to spread knowledge of it. It was very hard to convince the defending to team to let go of the fact that the disc is supposedly turned over. The only way this rule would be more regularly enforced would be when the D gives the disc back to the O willingly after 'turning it over' despite that the play has stopped. It's how I learned anyways.

I generally advocate playing by the rules as written whenever possible. But the Continuation Rule is one of the most important rules in the game, so it's perhaps double necessary to follow it.

Generally, I'd say the rule is well understood, but when players get tired, it's easy to forget and to let one's sense of poetic justice overrule knowledge of the rules. Just remember that the Continuation Rule is the same every time; yours is not an obscure special case, so it doesn't have to be argued as if it is.

I think logic would be the main reason why I can see this being disputed. This happened last week in a div 1 game and while I felt like I should say something, many players (most of which has played opens, womens or club) said that it is a turnover and I didn't want to go into a discussion on field without any solidified facts backing me up. So according to you (atanarjuat and temple), you would argue in favor of the rule regardless of whether you're on O or D?
I know my case isn't in any way special especially after asking for help from the forum but from the previous 2 occurrences within the past 2 weeks where our team is the team that would be getting the disc back if the rules were followed, I can't exactly say that the opponents were very agreeing.
Thanks for your inputs thus far by the way. Much appreciated.

zero: "So according to you (atanarjuat and temple), you would argue in favor of the rule
regardless of whether you're on O or D?"

I choose not to cheat, so whether following the rules will help my team or not, I choose to
follow them.

I'm also getting a slight inkling from your post that you feel it may be seen by the other
team as unspirited if you expected that the rules in this case were adhered to.

There's no way to assuage your concern other than to say that it is unspirited to not want the
rules adhered to in this case.

This rule is part of the bones of ultimate. That only 1 pass counts is as arbitrary as getting
only 10 seconds to throw the disc (or being allowed 2 steps without slowing before a throw, or
3 meters radius for Markers, etc). Complaining that it should have been a turn over on the
2nd throw is not really any different from complaining that it 'should' have been a turn over
at Stall 9. It's just not how the game works.

This is such a simple and objective rule. There's no judgement, there's no grey area, it's black
and white. I can see no practical rationale for not following this rule. I could certainly see
rationale for wanting this rule changed, but that's *completely* separate from whether or not
to follow this exceedingly fair rule. I would like to note that changing this rule would introduce
some real ugly possibilities to the sport.

Solid response.

O guy throws, D guy calls travel on the thrower.

That pass is either
a) complete, and it goes back to thrower
b) incomplete, and a turnover, play on.

Since a) occurred in your scenario, the disc became dead at the moment it was caught and had to go BTT.