Travel call results in a turnover question.

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Handler throws disc

A non marker opponent calls travel on the handler (right after the disc is thrown)

The throw is not completed do to the travel call as the play stops.

The non marker opponent contests that it should be a turnover because the disc
was not caught.

Handler contests that the call was made after the throw and the disc should be
reset to the handler.

Debating mayhem ensured.

So what is the correct ruling on this?

And while this is on my mind....

If the disc was caught after the travel call it would simply be rest to the handler.

If the disc was intercepted/blocked after the travel call would the play reset back to
the handler or would it be a turnover.

Fortunately, the rules are very clear in this case.
1 - It does not matter that the call was made after the throw as long as it was made "immediately" (XVI.A) following the infraction. It's not a race to see if you can call something faster than a disc can be thrown.
2 - The Continuation Rule (XVI.C) tells us that since the disc is in the air, play only stops when the outcome of the throw is decided (i.e., caught or not).
3 - Play does not stop because players spontaneously stopped playing at the sound of the call. (XVI.K) Play stops when the Continuation Rule says it stops.

So since the outcome of the throw was a turnover, in this case, the turnover should be ruled to stand.

If the disc is caught, and the infraction affected the play, the disc goes back to the thrower (XVI.C.2.b.1).

If the disc is blocked or otherwise turned over for any other legitimate reason, then the turnover stands and both teams play on (XVI.C.2.a.2).


There is some info I left out as I was not aware of some additional items.

From the Handler's point of view:

"It’s pretty clear I was in the wrong in regard to the situation as outlined
above, which is pretty much accurate. Interestingly, though, the travel call
was actually called before the throw and was called again right after I
intercepted the marker's throw. I think in that case, even though I contested
his travel call, that I should have taken the disc back to where he thought the
travel infraction had taken place. I kinda lost my cool because I thought it
was a really bad call made simply because I had intercepted his throw.
Nonetheless I pretty much got the rule wrong, which if I had been of sounder
mind at the time, should have been clear."


Travel was called before the throw and after intercepting the marker's throw?

I'm too confused to even attempt a response.

had a response again .... nope still confused :p

Sounds like a situation I saw earlier this week.

The guy who threw it away was already on offence, there was no
interception. So probably a different scenario. But the rest of the story
is eerily similar.

Catches the disc, runs about 20m up field. Travel is called on him. He
ignores (or likely doesn't understand) the call and throws towards an
open striker. Travel is restated.

Throw is pretty bad, striker (who doesn't stop by any stretch of the
imagination) in the opposite back corner doesn't get to it

Handler insists that he contests the travel call, and emphatically states
that continuation doesn't apply and he gets the disc back.

Frankly, it was just some guy that should read the rules. Like stated
above, they're pretty clear in the matter.

Side note: on field is a pretty bad place to have a debate.


I just don't get how it seems that a vast majority of players have never read the rules or
at least don't clearly know a lot of the basic ones. It's easy to read a few pages, re-read
them to more clearly understand the cross-referenced and more complicated ones, and ask
a few people about those we really don't understand.

How does everyone really not know at ANY infraction called against the offense that results
in a turnover ALWAYS stays turned over. Or that it's not just the receiver's call. Or that
check feet just isn't in the rules anywhere. All basic things that everyone should know.

I just don't get it.


That's one of the things I hate about a lot of ultimate players...and
perhaps one of the biggest problems about a self-refereed sport.
Especially in lower divisions, people don't know the rules at all. Ok fine
you're a new player, but don't argue with me when I know exactly what the
rule states and you don't have a clue. It sucks always the rule nazi or
looking like a douche simply because youre the one that knows the rules.