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I was playing in a game this week where I called a travel on the thrower I was
marking and he turns to me and says "that's a garbage call." I ask him if he thinks he
didn't travel, and he says "no, but that's a garbage call." Honestly, I never call travels
on people who slide their pivot an inch or even half a foot. But its these guys who
swing their pivot a foot and a half or completely taking a step and lifting up their pivot
as if their pulling the disc. And then to say its a garbage call? It's cheating that's what
it is. If I'm marking you and you take that extra step, you're gaining extra reach
around me and can probably put more on the disc than you would have if your pivot
was down. I have no sympathy for people who complain about travels. If you move
your pivot foot 2 inches off the ground or slide 2 inches and you get called for it
(though I probably wouldnt make that call), cry to someone else about it because
that's the rule. It's like saying "but i only cheated a little bit!"

Sorry, what's the question?

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Oh Moby, I wish you would stop posting on the VUL forum...

I wouldn't let it bother you. In my experience, many of those players who travel a lot - be it a 2" toe drag, 1 foot reposition or a turn to stop - are often a bit sensitive about it. Despite getting it called on them time and time again many don't bother to learn any other way to play. I'm guessing some even hope the wining buys them a bit of margin on a call later in the game. Whatever. The rule is there for a reason. Don't sweat it.

Can any defensive player on the field call a travel? And if so, can you point it out in the handbook please and thanks! 

Any player on the defense recognizing a travel can call a travel. 

This is actually a default condition: in general, any player on the infracted team recognizing an infraction can call it.  This is specified in XVI.A.

This includes picks that have nothing to do with the player calling it?  IE An experienced player can call a pick when a newbie gets picked and doesnt know to call it.

No, although XVI.A establishes the general case (any player on the infracted team can call the infraction) specific rules override the general rule (I.E).

In the case of a pick, only an obstructed defender can call the pick (XVI.I.2).

Notwithstanding that, tt behooves an experienced player to inform/explain newbies of infractions called or uncalled on the field though (see XIX.A and XIX.E).  They cannot make the call on behalf of someone else, but they can mention it.  In theory, this falls on the shoulders of the person who committed the infraction.