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Scenerio: Player catches the disc very, very close in the endzone, touches the disc down to indicate that he was in, but realizes he really wasn't in and throws to one of his players to score a point.

Is that considered a turnover b/c he had gained control possession then touched the disc down on the grass?

THat is most certainly not a turnover. While in his possession, the disc is considered part of the
thrower, so if the disc touches the ground it's no different than a foot or knee touching the
ground. You can also consider the situation where a catch is made on a layout and on the landing
the disc touches the ground while still firmly in the receiver's hand. I don't think anyone would
consider that a turnover.

Or you can look in the rules, section XII: Turnovers. Therein are listed all of the ways a turnover
can occur, and the situation you describe is not there.

I don't even think that's a turnover in CalvinBall...

During the Solstices it is.