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Hey, does anybody know anything about the women's ultimate team for ubc? i'd really like to try out but i don't know where to look for any info! any help would be appreciated, thanks a bunch!

Hi, I was last year's UBC Coach. According to one of last year's captain, Justina Larrington, the UBC Womens team will not be officially practicing in the fall. Justina may organize some practices or scrimmages though.

No info has been posted because captains and coaches still need to be named for the 2004/2005 season. The team and those interested should be having a planning meeting in late september/early october to prep for the spring season. FYI: last year we started fitness training in November, did tryouts & practices in January (3x/wk t/th/sun) and went to tourneys in California in Feb and March. The college series starts in April and goes through the end of May.

If you are interested in playing with UBC, please contact me, Leslie Calder, at lcalder@interchange.ubc.ca AND justina larrington at juicyjustina@hotmail.com.

What about SFU's ultimate team!? I haven't heard a peep from them!

For SFU, I think Simon might be able to help you out. He coordinated a pickup night in Bby for the summer and can be reached via burnaby@bcdss.bc.ca.

Also, for all you Burnaby folk, I think non-SFU students can play Ultimate in the Intramural league if you pay a small fee to the Recreation department. Not 100% sure, though.

Although no longer the SFU ultimate club pres, I can indeed help out.

We've started playing up on campus two or three times a week now. Usually Monday and Wednesday evenings (6:00) and once on the weekend. The bad news is that construction of two huge lit turf fields has started, so things may change depending on field availability. The good news is that once those fields are done, sometime in October, we'll be set!

We've had some quick try-outs this week to send a co-ed squad to UHF next week, but will start open and women's practices soon. All students, faculty, or staff with valid Recreation Memberships are welcome. Right now we plan on going to two more Open and Women College tournies in the fall, and will build on that for our best-ever spring season.

For more info, or to be added to the team mailing lists, give a shout-out to ultimate@sfu.ca

As for intramurals, a league of up to 12 teams will run between 12:30 and 3:30 pm on thursdays. Registeration is on tuesday and thursday of this week. Non-SFU students can purchase recreation memberships for $131 per year...which gives access to all of the facilites and activities on campus.

Lastly, anyone interested in coaching the Open or Women's team is encouraged to contact the club exects at ultimate@sfu.ca to discuss.

cheers, Simon