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The UBC mens varsity team will be starting the fall season with their first practice on Wed sept 8th. The practice is from 5pm - 7pm next to the field hockey turf field in the large field complex at ubc. (Same place as cdn nats was just held)

The first week schedule is:

Wed. sept 8, 5pm-7pm

Sun. sept 12, 10am-1pm

Mon. sept 13, 5pm-7pm

These 3 days will be tryout practices, so it is extremely important that all new players make all 3. All skill levels are welcome, as this fall we will have an emphasis on player development.

The fall season is only 5 weeks long, with our goal to win cdn university nats in mid October.

The ubc mens team is a serious group of guys with a hard working mentality. We encourage anyone else looking to train hard and improve their disc skills to come out and join us. In order to play for ubc you need to at least be a part time student at a college or university.

please bring your cleats, a light and dark jersey and lots of water.

If you require more info please contact me at: mhibbert@vfs.com


if i make the team, and say i get really frustrated, would UBC be the type of team to frown upon me kicking bags, or shoes?? or would it be okay?? cause i know that the shoes didn't do anything wrong, but sometimes, thats all you can kick....can anyone relate??

I can totally relate; sometimes you need that release to really get your swerve on and raise your game to a higher level.

But more importantly, can I call the shoes "bitch"? Or is that considered a Spirit Foul?

spirit?? never heard of it

just a reminder that tomorrow is the first practice/tryout. It is on rain or shine.


im a fairweather player, so i probably won't be there. i think i'll just read a dirrrty magazine and surf the net!!