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Alright all you forum junkies, we are just 2 days away from the UPA Finals in Florida, lets put up or shut up, what are the results and where will the Canadian Teams end up?

Furious, GOAT - Open

Prime - Women

GLUM - Masters

Time to show just how smart you are!

rob By rob

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Let the Games begin... Both Prime and George won their first games.

Scores can be found at www.upa.org or click on link below.

Wow! Sockeye lost their first game to the #9 seed. That's going to throw the division wide open. I see that Toronto's Goat lost an OT thriller to DoG. And Ottawa's GLUM upset the #2 team in their pool. Excellent!

Click link below. Furious 3-0.

Click link bleow. Prime 3-0.

Yawn, another boring day in Sarasota. Furious and Prime manage to go 3-0 with only a little issue vs Sub Zero. 8-5 to 14-14?? Whoops, sounds like the O is still not 100%.

Both can punch their tickets for the Third Round bye on Friday and the Quarter Finals.


1. GOAT spilled their load against DoG and are basically out of it. Oh well for the Eastern Boys

2. Sockeye goes 2-1 but moves into the Friday Power Pool with a loss vs Pike, puts the #1 seed in a bad spot, or their surprise Quarter Final Matchup (Condors/Jam)

3. Kaos tried hard but is in the lower pools, they are the NW Open team to watch for Strength Wild Cards next year. A low finish could mean 2 Open spots for the NW in 2005, which will mean Sockeye, Furious and Jam better all bring the A game to Regionals.

4. Women's pools a little boring, look for Prime vs Riot (Loss) and Ozone (Win) tomorrow. Looks like a Schwa or Rare Air Quarter and a Fury Semi - Re-match of Semi's in Finland. Interesting.

5. NW Women could still keep 4 bids for 2005, go Schwa, go.

OOOh. The seedings have been seedy and the pool play is getting, er, poolier... Nice to see Furious beat Sockeye Fri a.m. -- a 1-pt squeaker. Prime still undefeated too, as the inimitable My 2 Cents ahs told us. Interesting too to see Glum's loss to Sockeye -- more eidence to suggest that a Glum-Grind game would be a close one.

Doc By Doc

It looks like Prime has a real shot to make finals. They got Schwa in the quarters and most likely Lady Godiva in the semis. But, they got beat pretty badly by Riot today, so it looks like Riot in the finals is going to be tough.

On the Open side it's incredible how close all the games are. Furious has a real tough draw. They probably get Condors in the quarters and either Jam or Sockeye in the Semis. Their side of the draw is much tougher than the other side and the NW teams will beat each other up. Kaos hurts the NW by losing in the bottom half.

Masters, both NW teams Keg Workers and Kavu won their pools. Glum from Onterrible will lose in the quarters to Kavu. Semis will probably be Keg Workers/Refugees and Kavu/Old Sag -- it's a toss-up from there.

Look at #16 Electric Pig today. After a disappointing 0-3 Thursday, they've won two big games today against higher seeds. Do they have enough momentum going into quarters to pull off more upsets?

I guess the KAVU vs GLUM game will give GRIND an idea of how they would fair at UPA Finals, nice to see the two teams that beat them out are the class of the field. As with Open and Women, if a Vancouver team could just get out of the NW they could do some damage.

NW Open get 2 spots next year, plan your trip to Regionals now! Maybe UBC should host for home field. All top NW teams in same side of the pool sucks, next year a top 4 team won't even get to go to UPA Finals while some suck-ass Central team will ride in on a Size Wildcard.

On the plus side, looking good for 4 NW Women teams in 05, might be a slam dunk after the pre-quarters, or Schwa might need to cluch up for one more game. They should be motivated as it will be their own spot they are fighting for...

Last thought, where is TFP??? Aren't they the greatest team ever? Should they go to UPA next year, lets start a collection.

Doc By Doc

But wait ...

Now they go and change the Open playoffs.

Sockeye is moved out of Furious side and into the play-in game.

Furious still has it tough with a possible DOG quarter and Jam/Johnny Bravo semi. Furious has had problems with Jam this year.

Sockeye, if they make quarters, will play Ring of Fire, the winner of which could make Finals. Could now be a Sockeye/Furious final with Jam in 3rd place.

Enormous amount of parity this year but I'd guess Furious would LEAST like to play 1. Ring of Fire 2. Sockeyes and 3. Condors. All three of which are on the other half of their draw.

Now, if one day these games could be televised....

Doc By Doc

Jam would have to top the least like to play list. Furious is 0-2 against them this year, with Ring/Sockeye next on the list.

Quarters results are coming in...

Open semis are Furious vs Jam; Pike vs Sockeye

Women semis are Prime vs Godiva; Riot vs Backhoe

Furious is out... Jam took them out 15 to 11

Final tomorrow is Jam vs Sockeye

Prime's in... won 14 to 10 against Godiva.

Final tomorrow: Prime vs Riot

Way To Represent, Ladies!

Riot took the final 17 to 12.

Regardless, that's a terrific result Prime! Way to make us proud!

Women's Final details from the Chasing Plastic electronic newsletter:

Seattle Riot v. Vancouver Prime

Although Riot pulled to start, they jumped out to a lead with a pair of breaks. At 2-0 Prime settled down and got a break of their own to even the score at 3's. Riot threw up an obviously effective zone and pushed Prime to call a time out at 5-3 Riot. The teams traded until Prime got another break to even the score at 8's. Bodies were flying everywhere with offensive and defensive bids from both teams, and possession changes became more frequent. Riot scored the last point of half, and gained the advantage of receiving in the second period.

Riot found some inspiring energy during half. After keeping possession of the disc to score the first point, they ran up 4 breaks in a row to effectively seal their victory. At 14-8, Prime was able to score again, but from here the two squads basically traded points to a 17-12 Riot victory. With some big d-blocks and a few scores, Liz Duffy of Riot put in an exceptional effort, as did core performers Viv Zayas, Sarah GR, Kathy Scott, and Deb Cussen. Prime relied heavily on their accomplished core. The return of Leslie Calder to UPAs made a big impact on offense and on defense, and the play of Hilary Dunn and Suning Strube also helped put points on the board. In the end the Canadians will go home with their first final appearance and the Championship trophy will head 90 miles south of them, where the Riot gals will be relaxing after finally pulling it out in the big game.