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It's that time of year again, time all eyes turn to Florida.

Good luck to all Canadian Teams attending. Here is what is going to happen...

Open: Furious goes to Florida, but they have not yet developed back to the team they once were (See CUC Finals). They will be in tough to make the top 8, with their best chance at that by carrying a win into the lower pools on Friday and then winning twice to get to the play in game. But that is where the dream ends with a close loss. GOAT on the other hand may take a similar path for different reasons. They were drawn into the "Group of Death" with Sub Zero, Sockeye and Chain. Like FG I see them going down with a win, but unlike the Monkey I think they fight back and win their game to go, making Quarters, where they will be dangerous, but as they will match up with a top seed, they lose the Quarter, but play well after that and end up in the 5/6 game.

Women: The Capitals are the best Canadian Womens team now days, no debate. After taking it easy post Worlds, they will upset the seed in Pool C and cruise into the Quarters, winning to set up a close game with Riot, which they also win...only to lose to Fury in the Finals. Traffic has trouble holding seed in D-Pool, but stay up top for Day 2. There they aviod the play in game, but lose in the Quarters.

Mixed: First off, Mixed team logos are about 5 years behind Open and Women. Some are alright, but it still smells of League Team Logos. Secondly, Odyssee should have a good run here. Ending 2nd in their pool then will hold Second in the Power Pool, get an ok Semi, winning by 2 and then losing in the Semi Finals.

Masters: FiGJam and GLUM continue Canada's so so Masters teams in Florida. Both miss the Quarters and have fun flying to Florida to play each other twice! See you next year at CUC 2013 guys. Remember, top 3 get to go to Italy for WUCC 2014.

The other interesting thing to watch will be how the Regions fair against each other. For the past ?? years the NW has had close to a .700 winning %, with the next best Region around .500 and the rest under .500. With the new boundaries will the NW continue to dominate, and what will the next stongest Region be?

Think I'm wrong, post what will be right...


Wouldn't GOAT and Furious be in the same non-power pool? They would have to battle it out there for a spot in the play-in game...

m. By m.

i have furious over revolver in the 5/6 game in my pool...

my final four was sockey, ironside, rhino, doublewide

johnnyb and chain 7/8th.

Well, doesn't matter as GOAT is up and Furious is down after blowing a 11-7 lead on Rhino and losing 16-17, and ending in a Non-Power Pool with Sube Zero and Chain! Seems that the playin game is now a dream for them...

Good job on GOAT for getting to the PP, Semi's still possible there.

Capitals are down, but still have a shot, except IF they make Quarters they will have a really hard game.

And Traffic goes 1-2, wins a point diff to stay up and now can play and beat Molly Brown to avoid the playin game, upset the #2 seed in EPool and get Riot in Semi's, playing a team they have beaten, to get to Finals??? Not a bad result.

Big Shakeup in my opinion is the END of the NW dominance at this event. For years the NW has been head and sholders above all other regions and we then got to proclaim that we play in the best part of the WORLD in terms of Ultimate talent. Here are the winning % after Day 1:

South Central: .846
South West: .560
North East: .560
North Central: .533
Great Lakes: .444
North West: .350
Mid-Atlantic: .333
South East: .333

The King is Dead, Long Live the King!


So the wrap for most of the local and/or Canadian Teams happens on Friday.

Furious does have problems, does go down with a loss, but keeps on losing. Is playing for 9th, first up Rhino, the team they blew the lead against on Thursday and really, that was the end.

Traffic also stuggles, as does the Capitals. AND they meet in the play in game with Capitals taking it on universal point. Watching games on line you see and hear more wind then they have had for a few years. It's really a shame that the location of Finals creates conditions most teams don't see all year long. Yes the grass is nice, but it's time to move out of Florida. There HAS to be another solution. Capitals will get crushed by Fury tomorrow, unless they don't. Heck, maybe more wind will even things out...

Glum has a bunch of close games they lose. Make Quarters and lose a close game. FiGJam goes winnless, just like Gaultlet.

Odyssee is in it, but they are not going to win it.

And the trend from Day 1 continues for the no longer strongest region NW:

North Central: .640
South West: .610
South Central: .609
Great Lakes: .563
North East: .513
South East: .500
Mid Atlantic: .350
North West: .278

NW go 10 W against 26 loses against non-Regional opponents. Yikes! Apparently the NW is the new Central...


Some predictable, some not.

Double Wide upsets Revolver (who beat DW 15-3 on Thursday) to win Open.

Riot takes half vs Fury then can't finish, again. Fury wins, again.

Blackbird survives an upset filled Mixed bracket to take the title. Former NW team there.

Surley wins Masters, again. Last time Masters will be in Sarasota with the division moving to late summer with Grand Masters and Womens Masters.

Traffic & Furious qualify for Finals but can't manage to break back into the top 8. That is certainly their next goal. With the weaker NW region it looks like a ticket to Florida for our home teams could be punched for the next few years at least, can they build back to former glory?

It's a long road, I remember back 10 or so years when Double Wide formed, they came up and attended Flower Bowl one year. Took them around a decade to go from just another team to Champions. Furious and Traffic have both been at the top, the question is can they go from good to great again?

Capitals fell short as well, they are likely closer to getting back next summer with no distraction of Worlds in the way.

It will be interesting to see a Furious/GOAT and Traffic/Capitals final in Vancouver at CUC next year. Also to see if another local CUC can spark a fire under the Mixed players in Vancouver. Certainly there is a spot to Florida in the taking now that Metal Toss Flycoons seem to be the only team standing in the way of punching a ticket.

And while I would have thought that the NW wasn't going to dominate as they have before with the new boundaries, I would not have thought the impact would have been so dramatic. From first to worst:

North Central: .636
Great Lakes: .625
South West: .621
South Central: .600
South East: .543
North East: .414
Mid Atlantic: .385
North West: .280 (14 Wins, 36 Losses)