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Furious, Traffic, Zephyr, Gauntlet and TFP are heading down to Regionals this weekend (What? No TFP? Really?).

At any rate, with the new Bid Allocations, Open has 3 of the 7 teams advancing and the Women have 4 of the 6!!!! teams advancing. So Furious and Traffic better make it...and maybe Zephyr has a shot?

Assuming that Masters still gets 2 spots and Gauntlet will lose all of their games...good luck to everyone, and good luck in Florida to those who are going to stamp their tickets.


I've heard whispers that TFP has closed up shop...

With CUC 2013 in Vancouver? I feel that they will throw it together if only to stop the Skysharks from trying to become the worst named champion in the history of Canada.


Really? You think that's a worse name than Team Fischer Price?

Team Fisher Price is the best name ever. Hands down. In finger paint.

... are they participating in the series this year?

... I don't see them in the schedule... [see www]

Other than "The Joys of Boyride", TFP is one of the best team names ever, mostly because the team was named by John Stroppa as part of a heckle. Love it when stuff like that sticks.

TFP is the best team in the history of the world to never play in Florida.

Good luck to all Canadian Teams, looks like Furious, Capitals and Traffic should all make the show...

Traffic beat Riot twice at Sectionals, first game looked like everyone was trying, not sure about the second, but a win is a win is a win.


Riot won the first game vs Traffic at sectionals.