Udderbowl 2011

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Hey! Guess what? Udderbowl 2011 is just around the corner!!!!! SWEEEEEET
Here's the details you have all been eagerly awaiting!

What? Udderbowl (if you have no idea what I’m talking about this is an
Ultimate tournament)
When? April 9th -10th, 2011
Where? at McGirr Fields in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada (same as last year,
and the year before that, and the year before that...)
How much? Tourney fees are $425 per team if paid in full by March 13th
or $500 after March 13th.

Party details to come but you know it is going to be awesome. We are
also working out some sweet deals on accommodation so all of this fun
info will come soon!

There are a limited number of fields available and we have already had
teams contact us about signing up so make sure you don’t procrastinate
your spot away!

Ok, ok, I know you are way to excited to think logically at this point
so I'm going to lay out the steps in an easy too follow program:

Talk to your buddies and get a team together

Send an email to “udderbowl@gmail.com” with your team name, where you
are from, how good you think you are (are you an A pool or B pool
sorta team) and any other random information you feel like sharing
with me. If you are a returning team from last year (or made up of
most of the players anyways) include what the past team name was.

Show us the money! You can do this by making a handy paypal payment at
http://www.nanaimoultimate.ca/UB/payment.php or the old fashioned way
by sending us a cheque made out to “Nanaimo Ultimate Association”. If
you want to do it the old fashioned way let me know in the email and I
will provide you with address details. Of course you can always pay
us in cold hard cash as well (unmarked non-sequential bills in a brown
envelope preffered).

Pray that the friends you chose in step 1 are good for paying their
share of the fees

Get to Nanaimo on April 9th

See you on the field!
Tod (on behalf of Nanaimo Ultimate Association)