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Hi All,

Just a quick question. What is the official weight and diameter of an Ultimate Disc? I seen websites with 165g to 175g and 10.7 inch diameter and 10.75 inch diameter.

I'm looking to buy some disc online but I want to only get the official ones.


The answer is less straightforward than you may think. There are long lists of discs approved for play under WFDF rules.

However, the "official" weight of an ultimate disc for USA Ultimate and Ultimate Canada is nominally 175g.

There is no official USA Ultimate or Ultimate Canada diameter, but approved molds produce outer diameters that fall within millimetres of 27cm.

The most common competition disc is the Discraft Ultrastar (http://www.discraft.com/ultprod.html)

In Canada, the second most common (albeit a distant second) is the Daredevil GameDisc (http://daredevildiscs.com/index.php?page=ultimate-gamedisc)

PS -- you can always buy discs from BC Ultimate, the VUL, or Furious George.