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Can anyone recommend some good ultimate videos? Ideally, I'm looking for actual games, preferably with some horizontal O and zone D. Where might I borrow/rent/buy one (or more) for next friday.


I carrry over 15 titles on DVD and VHS....as well

as LED discs, books and field diagrams....

I'll send stuff courier to Vancouver residents.

visit http://www.playulty.com (please ;)

Stacked and I Bleed Black are both good (both on Craig's site).

First choice (IMHO): Stacked.

Masters game might be frustrating for many to watch as it was much more of a call-fest as the rest, but the Women's, Open, and Mixed finals would be awesome to watch to see how a team plays together on the field. The four-person cup and zone in the Women's is no less than amazing to watch, both in its performance and in the struggle to break it. The flow in the Open (and game tension as it's a close game right to the end) is great to watch - many times I identified horizontal O on the field. And well, the Mixed is great to watch teams use the strengths of both the men and the women to do great things. The Masters are just crotchety old men... I'm waiting for the GrandMaster division to pick up so I can actually play with some peers who are too afraid of hurting each other to cause fouls at all.

Other DVD's I have that he doesn't are "Running with the Flatballers" (from the UK), and the UPA College Championships direct from the UPA (only $10 US). Neither of these will likely arrive before Friday, but would be of more limited use for what you'd mentioned. Both have actual games, but more of play highlights (e.g., UPA one is 20 minutes for an entire game... some good flow, but nowhere near as useful as STacked).

K By K

About Stacked...

I thought the technical reel was the most interesting/educational part of the DVD. Watching Furious do the 3-man drill was awesome.

If you're going to watch the finals, be ready to fast forward a LOT. I did some video editing of the Open final and cut out all the stoppages...trimmed it from 2 hours to 1. About a third of the Women's Final was stoppage.