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Sure talking about the Olympics is fun, but the #1 Political Issue of the year is coming up - The Annual VUL AGM Board Elections!

Who is running anyway? Lets get them on the Form with their platforms.

As you all know, m2c has called the last 3 elections with a 100% accuracy rate, so a final endorsement by me is all you need to grab that seat of absolute power!

Fire it up people.


On a slightly more serious note, is anyone running for the board??? We just had a long forum rant about communications and participation at the VUL Board level, and with less than 1 week to go until the AGM one of the following is true:

1. Nobody is running for any of the board positions.

2. People are running but the VULS through the web site or email has not communicated who those people are.

3. The information is on the web site and has been communicated but I can't find it.

I hope it's #3...

If it's 1 then there can be NO ranting about the VULS and anything they do next year. Any of the ranters could run for positions, win and change the direction of the Board.

If it's 2 then I'm sad that the VULS is not being pro-active in getting info to the voting public about the candidates. Also would wonder about the candidates who are not pushing their pro or anti Olympic stance in order to pick up the Stump or Dugly voting block.


We now (just now) have three confirmed candidates

Alan Baggish
Iain Lancaster (incumbent)
Jenna Newman (incumbent)

We're gathering statements and photos to put up for perusal.

We're looking for more candidates - we have four spots to fill.

This will be an exciting year to be on the board. There will be a complete turnover in paid staff, new fields development issues, Worlds in August and more. Run today, and run often (or nominate someone you know and love).


"If it's 1 then there can be NO ranting about the VULS and anything they do next year. Any of
the ranters could run for positions, win and change the direction of the Board."

That's such bull as to be laughable. So the Board should be absolutely above criticism by any
party other than those on the Board?

How is that different from saying "if you don't run for MP, you don't get to criticize the
of the government"?

What kind of message is it to the 3000+ members to say that either you're on the Board, or
shut up about what the Board does?

"How is that different from saying "if you don't run for MP, you don't get to criticize the actions of the government"?"

Running for M.P. requires lots of dollars, a full-time commitment, and possibly a move to Ottawa whereas running for the VULS board requires you to show up at the AGM and be acclaimed.

Other than that, no real difference. Except for the pension. And the office.
Also, free postage.

Running for the VULS Board requires a lot more than showing up at the AGM and being acclaimed. Were that the case, I might have submitted my name.

As it is, the Board does a lot of work behind the scenes that most of us members don't know about (and some would argue don't care about). Anyone who's been on these forums for a couple years will remember the Great Rat Crap Cleanup.

While it may not be a full-time commitment like running for a governmental position, it's certainly no cake walk. I'm sure you're aware of that, Stump, but heaven forbid we start spreading the rumour that not only do the Board suck, get in the way of everything that is fun and holy in this great game of ours, and get nothing done, but also have all the free time in the world to get said nothing done. I'd hate to start hearing these things from the new folks in our league who are taking third-hand information as gospel. God knows we get that enough with the rules.

Also, with the current Canadian political system I have doubts about the ability of a single MP (from BC no less!) to have the ability to make a major change in government policy.

In the case of the VULS I am sure that a single board member could accomplish much as the VULS tends to get done as much as the board has time to do. Things don't get done not due to political road-blocks but rather because there is no interest or time to do them.

In this specific case, there seems to be a few VUL members who have a problem with the board and it's communication policy towards the membershiop. As fate would have it there are board positions up for grabs next week that these individuals can have just by asking (as of this posting). Ask not what your VULS can do for you, Ask what you can do for your VULS.

If there is a free board position after next weeks AGM, then I won't think much of continued complaints about a current perceived problem with the way the board runs from someone who had the opportunity to get involved but choose not to.


P.S. You could get very lucky and run and not make it (assuming a few more people throw their hats in the ring), in which case I think you could cash in that card for 12 months of non-stop ranting!

Again I ask: What kind of message is it to the 3000+ members to say that either you're on
Board, or you shut up about what the Board does?

Like Injured Ninja, I'd run if I could commit to the responsibilities. That's not to say I don't
want to help. Please explain the rationale that the only way the members' help/input is
desired is by full commitment to serving the director level. That's inane.

Repeatedly I've offered my services, but never has it been accepted (helping out on
'sub-committees' tasked with reporting to the board on a better spirit system, potential
website improvements, etc). The unfortunate reality is
that merely *asking* for outside help on particular
initiatives is not something that the Board has done. Always it's been met with the cork-
screwed logic of 'it takes too much work to ask somebody to run with an idea and report back
to the board for the board's approval'.

There's a sentiment that the only people that can do anything for the League are the Board
members, this is further evidenced by statements like M2C is making.

Suggesting that the membership's valid criticisms, input, or desire to help are all worthless if
they do not run for the
is terrible for any society.

Temple, don't feed the troll. Running for the Board is definitely not the only way to contribute.

That said, we do need more people to run! Anyone else out there? There won't be as many committees or as much business to comment on if the board is short-staffed. As Jeff says, this is an important year for the VUL. I learned a wack of new stuff and gained a lot of skills from my years on the BCDSS Board. It is work, but it's a very rewarding experience.

Jeff, to confirm for everyone: Art, Mo, and Speedo are in the middle of their two-year terms, so there are 4 openings, of which we have 3 applicants so far?

"Running for the VULS Board requires a lot more than showing up at the AGM and being acclaimed. Were that the case, I might have submitted my name."

Nope. Running is just that easy, assuming no one else steps forward and one puts their name in before the deadline. The actual work of being on the board is more time-consuming, but not onerously so.

A poor choice of word (no S). Please change "running for" to "sitting on" or "being a part of" or however else you want to phrase it and I stand behind my earlier statement.

Injured Ninja says:

"not only do the Board suck, get in the way of everything that is fun and holy in this great game of ours, and get nothing done, but also have all the free time in the world to get said nothing done."

Wow man, that's pretty harsh!

I kid!

I personally think the Board has/is done a good job, so I don't want to F* that up.

Agreed, Dugly.

That said, with (potentially) a >50% turnover in the Board this year, along with the new ED and LC [we assume] we'll be getting in early 2008, things could change pretty significantly. I suspect the current mid-term Board members will be able to keep the ship afloat somewhat, but it will be up to the new appointees and salaried folks to make sure we keep going in a positive direction.

No pressure!

Looks like Temple is off the hook, there are now 5 people running for 4 Board positions and we can't expect the extra effort of him saying that he would run and then maybe showing up to the AGM, that might cut into his Forum posting time...looking forward to more Board related posts in 2008.

I will wait until Wed to post the results of the vote that will take place that night just in case another person steps up, but it looks like a hard call this year with all candidates having good name recognition. Who will be the odd-person out???


Does that mean that submitting names has been closed now? Seems to me that names had to be submitted one week ahead of the AGM, but an exception was made because we didn't have enough candidates. Now that we have more than the required number, has submission been closed?

Thought I would offer "my 2 cents" as this thread started out with the wish that runners for the Board would throw their thoughts out. So here goes:

"What kind of message is it to the 3000+ members to say that either you're on the Board, or you shut up about what the Board does?"

A ludicrous one, but it is an honest observation from a frustrated VUL member. An observation that I have shared on more than one occasion. Despite this I believe the Board has done great work over the years expanding and supporting our league. Their work should not go unappreciated but more importantly it should not go without critique. As referenced above, you and other members of the league view the Board as just another body of government. That much may be true but the Board can not fairly be compared to our elected municipal, provincial and federal officials. The Board operates with a range of freedom that any elected official would kill for. Some would argue that because of that the Board has been able to achieve what it has and I'm not one to disagree. I think we've been fortunate with the Board members we've had and the results we've received. But let's not continue to blindly follow the light.

I've taken a look at my fellow candidates and it baffles me that over and over again it seems we are re-electing the same Board. Now as Injured Ninja has stated this upcoming year will be a test for any Board, let alone a Board filled with new members. I would be lying to you if I said it wasn't one of the cons when weighing my decision to run. I'm happy to know that although this experience will be relatively new for me that I'll be surrounded by experienced Board members able to lend a hand when needed. Now what can we do so that the future will be different? For starters I think we should take a look at what our "members at large" positions really are and think about different titles for these Board members. I agree that it is important for "members" of the VUL to feel welcome at Board meetings and be able to contribute their thoughts. These individuals should be our "members at large", where no commitment is necessary but welcome if so desired. Comments and hurt feelings such as those expressed by Temple have no place in our membership and our policies going forward should prevent them. Members like Injured Ninja should be able to commit what time they have and feel that they are able to make a difference in the league. Creating true "member at large" positions would solve that and also allow for entry level positions that would encourage members to run for the Board at a future date. These "member at large" seats would be shared by all members of the league wishing to participate and could be rotated on a monthly basis. A maximum of two seats would allow for adequate non-board member contribution while also allowing for the Board to continue to be productive and fluid month in and month out.

Now go back to the government-board comparison. The "members at large" could also fill the role that is obviously missing in this analogy, the media. VUL members need a critic, one that will communicate his/her thoughts to the overall membership. Members already use the forums for this but lack the vision and access necessary to do the job right. Let's give them those tools and again make members feel comfortable with what the board is undertaking in their name.

All of these are ideas, ideas that need to be fleshed out but it's important to me that new ideas such as these have a place in our board meetings and our league. For that reason alone I encourage anyone reading this post to come out this Wednesday to the AGM. Not necessarly to vote but to come out and get involved. You can be a voice of new ideas. You can be the hands that make change. You can also just be the ears that listen and be educated. It's your choice.

Justin McMillan

Don't forget to promise $15B over 5 years towards health care/environmental causes/gun lobbying/unions.

Oh! And candy. I am easily bought with candy.

PS: For those of you who don't hit the homepage on a regular basis, we now have five open positions with six candidates. Looks like Mo and Art have their work cut out for them.

Hmmm, I make no promises that I can't keep. I'll have a look at Candy though. How about peaches (fussy ones)?!


Six hopeful applicants but we now have Five spots to fill. Still wish I could vote for Temple tonight, but alas…

2007 VULS Board Elections RPI

9.6 – Jenna Newman. As the current President of the VULS Jenna is in the good position. The incumbent wins 90% of all elections everywhere (not actual statistic), and with no VULS-Gate scandal hitting the news this past year she will be swept back onto the board.

8.9 – Anne-Marie Carey. Past board member, current WFDF Ex Director, member of Team Canada (both past and future) is there anything she won’t do?? There are still some at-large spots open on the BCDSS AM, what up? With the power of that “Touring Womens Voting Block” (Please see Steph for membership in "TWVB") in her corner AM will get in.

7.1 – Iain Lancaster. Iain is also attempting to retain his seat on the board, and while I think that his photo will cost him 8-10 votes, it won’t be enough to keep him off the board.

6.6 – Gina Hopper. Being from somewhere else hurts her a bit, being unknown for the most part hurts her a bit. The Women in Ultimate thing helps a lot. Doing stuff when she was not on the board show spunk! While we all hate spunk, I think she will pick up more of the "You mean I need to pick 5 people? Ok then, that one" vote.

6.4 – Alan Baggish. Alan is the Susan Lucci of these elections. He has run, and lost, in at least the last 2 if not 3 AGM’s, and this year is no slam dunk. But this year I sense a big swell of support for Alan. Lets hear it at the AGM! Alan, Alan, Alan! In fact, m2c is going mark only one candidate, and that candidate will be Alan Baggish. Alan, Alan, Alan! We can get you over the hump this year!

6.3 – Justin McMillan – Sorry Justin, while you may pick up the Div 6-8 votes, the lack of name recognition and experience won’t get you in. I would vote for you, but…Alan, Alan, Alan! This will be a squeaker but we will never know as the numbers are not released. (Temple! Get on that!)

*Disclaimer – While m2c has a perfect record in predicting the VULS AGM election outcomes this in no way means that I “control” the process. Don’t think that for a second because it just isn’t true. These are not the droids you are looking for.

Also, if any candidate doesn’t show up then they drop 2 points in the RPI standings.

See you tonight!



so...if I don't show up...I should still make the cut? I play the odds?

Yes, it's a lock! But Iain, Alan and Gina need to come and placate the masses.


When am I going to get to vote for you M2C? :)

I'll run for Board next year, but only if you do too.

Gina Hopper... relatively unknown? *giggle* That's funny!

Well, I won't be there... and am sorry to miss it, but my 2am start time for work does
rather early, as does my bed.

I'd like to suggest a motion be made from the floor if possible during new business, or at
least have this topic
brought to the Board's attention:

The community has lost a couple of bright stars this year and I think it would be great to
recognize them and their contribution to the game. I'd suggest that the male and female
awards be named after Jamie and Laurel as a way of honouring their memory.

"In fact, m2c is going mark only one candidate"

Pourquoi m2c? Actually, I know why. Don't answer until the elex are done!


I giggled at that one too Gina...but what does he know...he's old! bwahahaha

The kids have a saying these days that goes something like this:


Alan! Alan! Alan! Apparently the 4th time he has run, the curse is broken. We will work on Justin next year.


Gina - Here is the thing, I only know like 4 people so if you were not in the league in 1993 then you are "Unknown" as far as I'm concerned. Glad you got in.