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So is the VUL playing Callaghan rules now? I've been away a couple of years and it didn't used to. However it came up in a game and there was some discussion after a defender caught the disc in the opponents end zone and called it a point. Also there seems to be lots of discussion when bricks are thrown. Should it be agreed by the captains before the game? Or is automatic in the league now?

Some of the rules that are in the Callahan

variation have been incorporated into the UPA

Rules of Ultimate 10th Ed.

The VUL has been playing with these rules since


The 10th Ed. includes the interception in your

attacking endzone is a point, and changes to the

brick rules.

Check them out here:

For the most part, the VUL is playing by the UPA version 10 rules (actually 10.1). This version of the rules specifically states that the callahan goal is legalized. For history, the Callahan Rules were based on UPA version 9, and many/most of these rules were incorporated in the UPA update to version 10. So if it seems familiar, that's why.

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