VUL Fall League TPI

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Thank God Fall league teams are posted, now we can start the 3rd year of over analizing the realative strengths of all teams in Fall League. With Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur teams all mixed up, and the "good players" looking to UPA Fall League, it lets us set down a system that is at least as good as the BCS! All we need now are some coachs polls...

Initial Fall League TPI

1. Spynergy - SAT AM (18-0 Summer! How will it stack up?)

2. Surewood - SAT AM (Deep team with deep problems - injuries!)

3. DimSum Club - SUN PM (Not a Summer League team, but we know who you are)

4. El Mono - Sun PM (Lots of wins on Thursday night)

5. Whalers - Sun PM (These vets put in a solid season)

6. Labratz - Sat AM (Looking to take over for Idle Hands?)

7. Flamingo U - SUN PM (Pic on their home page sure looks good!)

8. Buddha's Souljahz - SUN AM (Always strong)

9. Constantinople - SUN AM (Don't know, don't really care)

10. Rhymes with Regina - SAT AM (20-1, but on Tuesday night, how hard could that be?)

Good luck everyone, see you again after the first weekend!