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This summer, you may see a VUL prize crew appear at your fields. We will be
awarding prizes for all sorts of things - fun, spirit, plays, events and rules knowledge
are all examples. We'd like to ask trivia questions related to the rules and could use
some help designing these.

So, what do you think are the most important rules that we should promote? What
rules do you often see that most players don't know about or understand? What rules
do you not really know or understand?

Your input is appreciated!


The most common rules mistakes I've seen:

Stall count: Some people have the notion that the "st" of stall ten is when the disc is down... but it's the "t" of ten.

The line: Catching the disc with your foot planted on the goal line means you're NOT in... which I've seen several people argue the other way around.

Double Team/Fast Count/Disc Space: Because this seems to be one of the most accidentally abused rules, it's understandable that people don't seem to know what to do when it's called. A clarification on that would be awesome.

Traveling: It doesn't help that there seems to be an unspoken rule that if you're a veteran player (or just older player), you travel. I think most people know that you get three foot placements, but the part where you need to not change direction or accelerate with those foot placements is a little murky. Also, it would really help if teams who have players that travel would talk to those players... because it's infinitely easier to hear it if it's coming from your own team (I don't mean call travel on them... but talk to them on the sideline). I've had lots of talks with newer players on my team that I've played with... explaining how they're traveling.

Attempted Foot Blocks: This probably only comes up a bunch in the higher skilled divs... but a lot of people don't seem to know that the VUL has a "no Footblocks" rule in place... and that even attempting one is considered a foul.

I'm sure Waldo intended to instead say...
"I think most people *mistakenly* know that you get three foot placements"
[*inserted word my own*]

That is... you either throw before your third foot placement after the catch, OR you stop as quickly as you can (be it two or five foot placements) - neither is a travel.

Continuation Rule: because virtually every call (except marking violations) is subject to the continuation rule, which govern when (and IF) play stops, and what happens to the disc and the players - it really is a paramount rule to learn and to understand.

By the way, paramount is synonymous with ultimate.

Thanks for this guys