VUL 'Spirit tie' - Win a $250 MEC Gift Card

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This kicks off today until the end of summer. If you missed it on the homepage..

We want to recognize and reward the league's most spirited players! A colorful necktie has been planted in each division to change hands after every game. If you receive the 'spirit tie', you should:
1. Wear it during your next game (any way you like…)
2. Photograph yourself wearing it
3. Email your picture to
4. Pass it on to a player on the opposite team after your game (note: game, not night). If you receive the tie at the end of a night, remember to bring it back the following week!

There will be WEEKLY PRIZE DRAWS for discs, jerseys and gift certificates. The GRAND PRIZE to be drawn at the end of the summer – a $250 MEC Gift Card!

Love this idea - should be awesome!