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With the season upon us it's time to get your team ready to keep up with the ever growing VUL skill level and team strategy.

For the first time ever, FG is offering team coaching to VUL teams. Coaching is based on the desired improvement areas of each specific team's request, and can be done at a field in close proximity to your team.

Learn the horizontal offence, vertical offence, zone defence, man defence, throwing, plays, fitness, etc. Sky's the limit! Book time for your team and see immediate improvement...

Contact me (Mike Grant - current FG member and coach of the UBC Thunderbirds men's team) at for further details



So MG,

can you help us with our cheering?

Some of us have trouble with the high notes.


I can definitely help with cheering. The

important elements of a standard cheer are

mention of grass, beer, and non-specific

compliments. For example:

"Disc in disc out, you ran us all about, the

grass was green you played real mean, it's fun

to cheer but let's go get some beer".

Other helpful tips:

1. Cheers are best cheered when they're

written down behind a disc so the other team

thinks you've memorized it.

2. Write down the name of each team you've

cheered so you don't use the same cheer twice

on the same team. Other teams don't like


3. This is the best piece of advice i received

early in my ultimate career - If you can't

remember the words to a cheer (ie you

weren't paying attention during cheer practice)

mouth the words, "Cats and dogs" over and

over again until the cheer is finished. For some

reason these words make it seem as though

you're cheering with everyone else. No joke.

That's all for now, you'll have to book time for

your team if you want drills etc.

Thanks again,


So that's Furious' secret!

Thanks Mike

Damn, if only we'd known that for Winter Hat, hey?