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Let’s raise some money for the Vancouver Food Bank! This year, more than ever, the Food Bank needs our help – more people need their services, and donations are down.

So, Wednesday, December 2nd, I’m organizing a Tweetup at Library Square Public House. Please bring donations, either cash or food to donate to the foodbank. We’ll then give the donations on behalf of Vancouver Twitterers during the CBC’s foodbank drive on December 4th. Thank you to Donelly Hospitality for providing a location!

Vancouver Foodbank Fundraiser Tweetup
Dcember 2nd, 2009 5:00pm
Location: Library Square Public House, 300 W. Georgia Street

Bring: Cash to donate to the Foodbank!

When donating to the foodback, cash is best – your every $1 will buy $3 worth of food. However, we’re going to stretch that! I’m please to announce that my company, Pencilneck Software, will match the first $500 in donations, so your $1 will buy $6 worth of food. If you or your company would like to match also, please let me know and I’ll add you to the list below:

Companies/Groups matching donations (in alphabetical order):

* Pencilneck Software: $500
* Raised Eyebrow Web Studio: $200
* Red Square Salon: $100
* Yoyomama: $100


So, are you in?

Maybe I'm just behind the times or a quasi-luddite who thinks that twitter is utterly pointless and can't be bothered to make it part of my life, but if so then I'm likely not the only one who doesn't understand your message.

What on earth is a "tweetup?" What is involved here? Do you have to use that service to be part of this? I'm just posting this in case you want to expand your audience to those who aren't in the know.