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m2c By m2c

This year The Canadian Ultimate Championships are being held in Vancouver from Aug 19-22.

This will be a great way to finish off Summer league by watching the best Ultimate players in the country (and the World) compete for the National Title.

Vancouver has a strong tradition of putting on great high level tournaments (Flower Bowl, CUC 2000, Worlds 1997), and the one commonality in all these tournaments is the great volunteers who come forward to help out.

If you have volunteered at a previous event, then you know how fun it can be. If you know someone who has volunteered in the past, I'm sure they will tell you they had a great time.

If you are interested in helping out at CUC 2004 or would like to ask some questions, please send an email to the following:


Thank you in advance for your help, I'm sure Vancouver will once again put on a tournament to remember.

I volunteered at the 97 WUCC and had a blast. I'd like to do it again. Contact me for more details.